‘150’ Jeon Mir, ‘145’ Cho Dong-wook, ‘147’ Kim Yoon-ha… Top picks, blue chips in the Blue Dragon era

Nationals always create variables. That’s the beauty of the rookie draft, where players who show their worth at the tournament are bound to move up.

In this year’s Blue Dragon, there are players who have shown their true value and increased their value. One such player is Jeon “Heart of the Beast” Mir. His performance in the quarterfinals against Gangneung Go was jaw-dropping. In 7.2 innings, he struck out a whopping seven batters and didn’t allow a run. His fastball was clocked at 150 kilometers. What’s even more amazing is that he pitched a no-hitter, and he did it with the bases loaded and 12 outs in the first inning. He also batted four times and drew two walks, including one on an intentional walk. With this performance, he’s definitely moving into the first round.

Regarding Jeon Mir, an official from the parent club said, “First of all, his physical ability and athleticism are very good. It’s not easy for a player to perform so well in the batting order. He has a good competitive spirit, and above all, he has a natural feel for the game. I think I’m going to be a really good long ball hitter.” Another official said, “He really stands out in terms of his ability to lift the morale of his teammates. After today’s game, he has improved a lot as a pitcher.” A two-hit wonder.

Some clubs, including Samsung, have been watching Jeon carefully.

Last year, when he was a sophomore, he single-handedly caught Daejeon Go, the winner of the President’s Cup, in the quarterfinals of the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup. He won MVP honors in this year’s prestigious high school baseball tournament, leading the team to victories over Deoksugo, Gwangju Ilgyo, Daegu, and Jeonju. Against Daegu High, he struck out nine batters in a row. He is literally the heart of the beast.

Cho Dong-wook is another blue chip player in the tournament.

He’s one of the favorites to be drafted this season. Along with Son Hyun-ki, he is considered an exceptional left-handed resource. At 193 centimeters, he has a great height and a high potential for growth. Most importantly, Cho has a better arm than in the past. In the past, he was more of a three-quarter fastball, but now he has a more overslow delivery.

With a total of four pitches, including a curveball, slider, changeup, and four-seam, he is considered to have improved his delivery. In particular, in the quarterfinals against Masan Yongmago, he upped his velocity to 145.3 kilometers, his highest velocity at the national tournament. It was his best performance to date.

However, Cho Dong-wook has just 21 hits and 13 walks in 25.1 innings this season. He hasn’t yet shown the ability to overpower hitters, as he had a few pitches that hit the ground. However, Cho is a highly regarded left-handed resource with a lot of upside. A scout from a major league club said, “He really has no left hand this season. I thought it was better than last year, but this year there are none. Cho Dong-wook is a player who will be among the top picks.”

For now, he’s expected to go within the second round. He is also being considered a lot at the top.

Last but not least is Kim Yoon. Based on what he has shown, he is the second best player among the five Jang Chung-go eagle brothers. Even against Jang Hyun-seok of Masan Yongmago, Kim was never outmatched. He dominated the Masan Yongmago hitters with a variety of pitches, including a 147km fastball, slider, and splitter.

He has a beautiful delivery and, most importantly, very good fundamentals, which is why teams in the bottom half of the first round are starting to list him. The on-field assessment is that he can be much better than he is now. 토토사이트

Kim Yoon-ha, known as Park Chan-ho’s nephew, is also rated high enough to be a top two pick at this point. Even teams at the bottom of the first round are considering him.

Of course, there are other players whose evaluations are rising through this tournament. Pitchers such as Jeon Joo-ju and Son Hyun-ki have also gained a foothold in the game by performing well in the Gangneung Classic.

But when it comes to pitchers, these three are the most prominent players who are improving their ratings.

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