2023 Overwatch League opens on the 28th…’Seoul Derby’ Eastern opening game

The Overwatch League™ 2023 season kicks off on the 28th (Friday, hereinafter Korean time). The East Region, which draws attention from fans in Korea and Asia, will fire the opening celebration on the next day, the 29th (Sat).

The key to the Overwatch League 2023 season is the application of an open ecosystem. Contenders teams that have passed regional tournaments compete against Overwatch League teams. The regular season is divided into Spring Stage (first half) and Summer Stage (second half) and lasts for about 7 months. There will also be two global LAN tournaments pitting the best teams from the East and West regions. From a fan’s point of view, things to see and enjoy have increased.

The opening game in the East Region, which domestic fans are most interested in, is the ‘Seoul Derby’ between Seoul Dynasty and Seoul Infernal (former Philadelphia Fusion). The first Seoul derby in league history due to the transfer of Infernal’s hometown, will be held at 5pm on Saturday the 29th. In addition to the fresh start of the season’s first win, the fans’ interest is already high for the pride match between the two teams based in Seoul. As a result, Seoul, Korea, became the second region in the league to be home to multiple teams, following LA.

For Korean fans who have been waiting for the opening of the Overwatch League season, the opening match of the Seoul Derby will be held as an offline intuition event at the WDG eSports Studio (Daehan Theater 7th Floor, 11th Hall, 212 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul). All players and team officials sortie directly to the field. Caster Kim Jung-min and commentator Moon Chang-sik will also attend the scene and vividly deliver the passionate cheering.

Advance reservations are essential to see and feel the splendid number fight between the two teams and the excitement of the heated group cheering on site. It can be purchased through the ticket link (20,000 won for regular seats) from 14:00 on the 22nd (Sat).

Audiences before the Seoul Derby opener can vividly enjoy the opening two and third matches between the Dallas Fuel and Guangzhou Charge and the Hangzhou Spark and Shanghai Dragons through the extra-large LED screen of WDG Studio. All on-site participants will be provided with tools for on-site cheering, such as cheering tools and cheer pool cards. 메이저놀이터

All 2023 Overwatch League matches will be broadcast live on the official Overwatch League Korean YouTube channel. Super luxurious relays such as Kim Jung-min, Moon Chang-sik, Shim Ji-soo, Ahn Seung-yong, Jang Ji-soo, Jeong So-rim, Hong Hyun-seong, and Hwang Kyu-hyeong sharply analyze every situation and convey the most important points of each game to domestic fans throughout the season.

Meanwhile, additional information such as viewing rewards will be released sequentially before the opening of the season. More information on the Overwatch League 2023 season operation and overall schedule can be found on the blog post on the official website.

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