2nd → 7th… Tottenham ‘collapsed’, ’empty hands crisis’ in Liverpool victory

What we feared has become a reality. Tottenham Hotspur have fallen to 7th place.

Liverpool won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory in the 2022/23 season Premier League round 33 away match against West Ham held at the Olympic Stadium in London, England on the 27th (Korean time).

In the 12th minute of the first half, Lucas Paqueta conceded the first goal, but 6 minutes later, Cody Hakpo equalized the score, and in the 22nd minute of the second half, Joel Matip’s final shot fired and took the victory.

Liverpool’s victory brought the worst to Tottenham. Liverpool, with 53 points (15 wins, 8 draws, 9 losses), was tied with Tottenham on points, but ranked 6th in terms of goal difference.

Liverpool defeated Manchester United 7-0 last month, while Tottenham collapsed 1-6 to Nucastle on the 23rd. Tottenham naturally slipped to 7th place.

It was the moment when the fears became a reality. Previously, Tottenham suffered a crushing defeat at Newcastle away and failed to accumulate points. Tottenham, who once competed for 4th place, fell to 5th place after being pushed out by Newcastle and Manchester United.

Even maintaining the 5th place was not safe. Rather, it became a situation chased by Aston Villa, Liverpool and Brighton. On the 26th, Villa defeated Fulham 1-0, and Tottenham, who was pushed back to 6th place, fell to 7th place after winning Liverpool. 메이저놀이터

The ranking, which soared to 2nd place by running 5 wins and 2 draws in 7 games at the beginning of this season, steadily fell, and took advantage of the recent sluggishness to fall from 4th to 7th in an instant.

If this is the case, it may be impossible to advance to competitions organized by UEFA (European Football Federation) next season. 8th place Brighton was hit by Nottingham Forest and did not allow a chase, but they have yet to play two games less than Tottenham, and the difference is only 4 points, so the rankings can be overturned at any time.

If it is pushed out of the 7th place, which is the last line to advance to UEFA-sponsored club competitions, Tottenham will have to play only domestic competitions such as the League, FA Cup and League Cup next season.

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