4 important things ahead of the new season

Players preparing for the 2023 season will now prepare for the new season by building their last body and learning tactics. University players have already started the season in the southern provinces, and I know that high school players have also started. So, in the process of preparing for this season, we will have to thoroughly prepare for what to do and see if there are any new ones.

Let’s learn about the process of preparing for this season and the new rules.

The 2023 K-League will start on February 25th with the opening game between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai. Since there is less than a week left, we must prepare well until the end so that we can play well in all games this year.

First, you need to be very careful about injuries. As the season approaches, players are too eager to make themselves visible to their coaches and engage in intense physical fights, often suffering minor injuries before the season begins. So, coaches have to adjust the players’ deductions.

When I was a professional team leader, I practiced my own practice or strictly refrained from tackling during practice. This is because defensive players are at high risk of injury if they tackle our players with enthusiasm.

Second, players should make their own routine well. When many teams win games after this week’s training program and the content of the game is judged good, the coaches usually implement the training program without changing it. This is to keep the good feeling intact. Athletes will also have to keep their individual preparation process constant and in the best condition.

Third, you need to quickly adapt to the team. Players change a lot, so when new players play, you need to quickly figure out their strengths and weaknesses. That will help you play the game.

There is something new to adapt to this season, and this season will probably increase a lot of extra time. As extra time is given for as long as 10 minutes and as short as 5-6 minutes, you need to pay attention to your physical strength.

it’s the fourth last Player substitutions are increasing from this season, and when a substitution is made, the player himself must clearly understand what role and purpose he was put in. You will need to know what role the team expects and replace, and stick to that role. 카지노사이트

This is because if the leader cannot play the game he wants, he is less and less likely to attend the game. As the number of player replacements increases, there may be more opportunities, but players can come as a burden as much as opportunities. This season, soccer fans will go wild as many games are expected to be decided in extra time at the end of the second half of the game.

By all means, this season is expected to be a K-League that provides a lot of things to see.

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