‘4th place in SV, 1st place in BS’ Two-faced stone Buddha, this year’s salary blank commission

‘Stone Buddha’ Oh Seung-hwan (41) serves as a servant for the lion corps.

Samsung said on the 11th, “Oh Seung-hwan has entrusted the club with a blank sheet regarding the 2023 annual salary contract.” Oh Seung-hwan’s annual salary last year was 1.6 billion won.

Regarding this, Samsung said, “As the team’s oldest player, Seung-Hwan Oh will not only take responsibility for the team’s 바카라 performance that did not advance to the postseason, but also express his intention to entrust his salary for 2023 with the meaning of a white coat of arms for the rebound of the individual and team this season. told,” he explained. Samsung stayed in 7th place last year with 66 wins, 76 losses and 2 draws.

Oh Seung-hwan recorded an average ERA of 3.32 with 31 saves in 57 games despite his age of innocence last season. He ranked fourth in saves.

However, Oh Seung-hwan also had the disgrace of being number one in blown saves (7). In particular, during the team’s 13th straight loss in the middle of the season, he recorded three consecutive blown saves. Coach Heo Sam-young voluntarily resigned during the season due to poor performance.

In July of last year, Oh Seung-hwan was sluggish enough to reach 2 losses and an average ERA of 12.79. He withdrew from the finish and put up one hold with a middle pitcher. However, Oh Seung-hwan was revived with an average ERA of 0.90 with 3 wins and 5 saves the year before planting in August. Even after September, he showed good performance with 1 win and 8 saves and an ERA of 2.53.

This year, Oh Seung-hwan challenges a new history in Korean professional baseball. It is an 바카라unprecedented record of 400 saves in the KBO and 500 saves in Korea, the United States and Japan. On January 10th, Oh Seung-hwan departs early for Okinawa, where he has been trained by the club, and undergoes personal training before joining the team.

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