‘Ace’ Lee Kang-in joins ‘New Face’ Hong Hyun-seok, and the winds of ‘tech soccer’ blow in Klinsmann’s favor

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Lee Kang-in showed his world-class quality in the starting lineup against Peru. Along with Hong Hyun-seok, who came on as a second-half substitute, his technical play in the middle of the park was enough to get fans excited.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by Klinsmann, lost 0-1 to Peru in a friendly match at the Hana Bank Invitational at Busan Asiad Stadium at 8 p.m. on Sept. 16. Klinsmann’s men will play their second match against El Salvador at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on Sept. 20.

There were quite a few changes to the lineup, as Son Heung-min was benched due to injury and Kim Min-jae was unable to participate in the trial due to military training. Park Ji-soo and Jung Seung-hyun were the starting center back duo, while Ahn Hyun-beom and Won Doo-jae, who hadn’t been seen in the national team before, started. South Korea struggled in the first half. Despite playing away from home, Peru’s players looked in good shape. They kept the Koreans on their toes with intense forward pressure, and once they had the ball, they were sharp with their buildup.

Eventually, they conceded the first goal in the 11th minute to Peru’s Bryan Reyna. South Korea showed signs of improvement after the concession, reorganizing their defense and tactics, but their finishing was lacking. They put their heads down on a number of crucial scoring chances, and a desperate South Korean team made a late push but lacked sharpness. Peru was stronger and better prepared than expected. South Korea, on the other hand, had a dull performance as the sum of their parts didn’t seem to be quite right yet.

Despite the lackluster performance, Lee Kang-in had an ‘ace’ performance. When the details of the play weren’t working out, Lee used his individual skills to take out one or two players and deliver passes and crosses. After the game, Coach Klinsmann said, “When Lee Kang-in gets the ball, the opponent plays cooperative defense. It’s fun to watch him play,” he said, praising Lee. Of course, 토토사이트주소 Klinsmann also indirectly addressed Lee’s shortcomings, saying, “Lee is a good player, but he can’t bring victory by himself.”

However, this shows that Klinsmann has high expectations for his “ace”. And for all fans to see, Lee proved against Peru that his skills are already at a very high level.

While Lee struggled, the overall performance of the South Korean players was not good. Midway through the second half, when South Korea’s offense was struggling to find its stride, Hong Hyun-seok came onto the field. Hong, whose birthday is June 16, made his “birthday A-match debut” against Peru. He was called up for the first time after scoring nine goals and eight assists in 54 official matches for Belgian side KAA Gent in the 2022-2023 season. Upon entering the pitch, Hong Hyun-seok began carrying the ball with his trademark activity, as he said he admires Park Ji-sung. His controlled balls stuck to his feet and his dribbling was precise. In a short time, Hong Hyun-seok proved his technical ability.

When Lee Kang-in and Hong Hyun-seok played together, there was a synergy. They exchanged precise short passes to attack, and their fine ball control was a threat to the opposition. Add to that Hwang In-beom, the national team’s most experienced technician, and it felt like the colors of Korean football were changing. For a brief moment, the trio’s combination was “technical football” without the clunkiness, and it was enough to raise hopes that Korean soccer could explore new territory in the future. 안전놀이터

Lee Kang-in is back on track. Lee’s meteoric rise this season has earned him a starting spot in the national team, where he has been one of the team’s brightest stars. Hong Hyun-seok still has a lot to prove. He only played about 30 minutes in this game. If he continues to perform well for his club and earns a spot on the national team, he’ll be a great addition to the Korean soccer team. It’s always good to see a new technician. Can they develop side by side and bring a new wave of technical soccer to Korean soccer?

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