‘Acting Choi Seong-yong – Do you not care about the players?’ Suwon Samsung general manager Oh Dong-seok’s dangerous mistake

Dong-seok Oh (53), general manager of the professional soccer team Suwon Samsung (hereafter referred to as Samsung), disparaged Suwon himself with a dangerous ‘mistake’.

On the 25th, general manager Oh Dong-seok visited the Pohang Steel Yard Stadium, where the K-League 1 match between Suwon and Pohang Steelers was held, and announced his position on the vacant official manager position in Suwon through the media. 

On the spot, general manager Oh Dong-seok mentioned the real names of the two command towers competing in the K-League 1. Wanting to bring in a manager with good skills like them. An official from Suwon said on the 26th, “It was a joke. The words came out of envy, saying, ‘Is there anyone who is creating a sensation like Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong or Gwangju director Lee Jeong-hyo?’” he explained.

It is a rare verbal mistake made by director Oh Dong-seok, who cannot be plausibly packaged as ‘words out of envy’. 

If acting head coach Choi Seong-yong and general manager Oh Dong-seok had genuinely thought about the players and acting head coach Seong-yong Choi, who are struggling to rebuild Suwon, which is crashing down without a bottom, he would not have been drooling over the ability of the team manager who defeated Suwon.

After coach Lee Byeong-geun was sacked, acting Choi took the temporary baton from the 18th and has been wringing out power with the players. The atmosphere is still bad. On the 22nd, they lost 1-3 against FC Seoul in the ‘Super Match’ and on the 25th, they lost 0-1 against Pohang. 온라인카지노

For Suwon, which is facing the task of appointing a new coach, it is only natural that talented coaches come to the fore as they have to select candidates. Even if you can’t actually bring it, you can shout enough in your heart.

However, general manager Oh Dong-seok expressed his thoughts on the next head coach award in the wrong way by praising the opposing team’s manager Kim Ki-dong when Acting Choi and the players were blaming themselves for losing the away match against Pohang. It made the acting Choi and Suwon players, who should be taken care of, smaller.

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