Ahn Cheol-ho, Samcheonpo Girls’ High School’s new coach’s task, to draw basketball colors + maintain school tradition

“It is important to show your own color. At the same time, we need to find a way to maintain the tradition of the school.”

The basketball team of Inseong Girls’ Middle School and Inseong Girls’ High School are prestigious basketball teams representing Incheon. In particular, it produced numerous basketball prospects in the 2010s. Park Da-jeong (Asan Woori Bank), Kim Ji-young (Bucheon Hana 1 Q), Lee Joo-yeon (Yongin Samsung Life Insurance), Lee So-hee (Busan BNK Some), and Lee Chae-eun (Bucheon Hana 1 Q) are representative.

Coach Ahn Cheol-ho was the leader who led many promising players. Coach Ahn Cheol-ho, who has been coaching Inseong Girls’ Middle School since 2009, sweated with Inseong Girls’ High School players from March 2010 to 2019.

However, the situation at Inseong Girls’ High School was not good, and coach Ahn Cheol-ho also left Inseong Girls’ High School. After leaving Inseong Girls’ High School, he worked as a physical education teacher at Gajeong Elementary School located in Incheon.

That’s why he became the new coach of Samcheonpo Girls’ High School. Coach Ahn Cheol-ho said, “After leaving Inseong Girls’ High School, he had nothing to do with basketball. He was also difficult to see. Because school work was too busy (laughs). And he interviewed (Samcheonpo Girls’ High School coach) on the recommendation of an acquaintance,” he said with a smile.

He continued, “I told the teachers in charge of the interview, ‘I want to make myself a self-directed student athlete. Students should be allowed to practice on their own so that student athletes can take care of themselves. You can also play creatively’. That’s why ‘self-initiative’ is a big policy,” he added, adding what he said in the interview at Samcheonpo Girls’ High School.

Continued “Proper competition is necessary. However, excessive competition is bad for both individuals and teams. It is also necessary to cooperate with each other. He also explained the mindset required for student athletes, saying, “Only when a team atmosphere is formed in which each other can inform each other well can each individual develop.”

Meanwhile, the Samcheonpo Girls’ High School basketball team is a prestigious team in the Gyeongnam region. Sung Jeong-ah, Kwak Ju-young, Jeong Mi-ran, Park Hye-jin, Kang I-seul, and other players who represented or represent Korean women’s basketball graduated from Samcheonpo Girls’ High School. This passage shows the tradition and reputation of the Samcheonpo Girls’ High School basketball team.

Coach Ahn Chul-ho also said, “If you are a female student basketball leader, you will know the reputation of Samcheonpo Girls’ High School. Samcheonpo Girls’ High School is a school with deep roots and tradition. A lot of good players have been produced. I want to coach the players well so that they can continue the reputation of Samcheonpo Girls’ High School,” she said, considering the tradition of Samcheonpo Girls’ High School important.

After that, “I want to play the basketball that I want. The most important thing is the basics. Especially in student basketball. It is not a one-sided basic skill, but strength, muscular endurance, offensive skills, and defensive skills are all needed. You need a foundation to understand the whole of basketball,” he said, emphasizing the ‘basic skills’.

Coach Ahn Cheol-ho, who emphasized basic skills, said, “When each person’s basic skills are good, the team becomes stronger. Team colors are also easy to design. 슬롯사이트 Above all, you can play basketball for a long time even in a pro. In doing so, we must also seek ways to maintain the tradition of the school for a long time.”

Of course, it takes time. This is because coach Ahn Cheol-ho needs to understand the school situation and student-athletes’ tendencies, and schools and student-athletes also need to know Coach Ahn Cheol-ho. However, if coach Ahn Cheol-ho’s philosophy, school’s support, and student-athlete’s persistence are combined, Samcheonpo Girls’ High School can maintain its former reputation.

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