Amano, now a Jeonbuk man “I was worried about the Ulsan fans… ”

Jun Amano (32, Jeonbuk Hyundai) expressed his impressions of facing his ‘parent’ Ulsan Hyundai. 

Jeonbuk lost 1-2 in the opening game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan at 2:00 pm on the 25th. Jeonbuk took the lead with Song Min-kyu’s goal in the 10th minute of the first half, but dropped their heads in the opening game by conceding goals to Eom Won-sang and Rubikson.

On this day, Amano started as Jeonbuk’s second-line attacking midfielder and helped Song Min-gyu’s opening goal with an accurate pass. Ulsan’s home stadium was full of booing towards Amano, but he did not hesitate and showed his skills.

After the match, Amano said, “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t care (the booing). Ulsan fans were worried, but the coach gave me a lot of good things. A lot of Jeonbuk fans also came, so we did our best in the game.” 

Amano, who contributed to the league championship last year as a member of Ulsan, joined the ‘Guard of Honor’ that day. Guard of Honor is an applause for the winning team of the previous season as a sign of respect for the team playing its first game. Amano smiled and applauded the Ulsan team. 

He said, “Last year, I was a winning member of Ulsan. Today, I had a lot of familiar faces, so I smiled and applauded.” 토토사이트

Amano bumped into Ulsan players throughout the game. There was also a nerve war. He said, “(Ulsan players) have nothing special to talk about. When we bumped into each other in the middle of the match, we talked about simple things.”

Amano acknowledged Ulsan as ‘parent’. He said, “It was a game where we didn’t know what the outcome would be, and although we lost, we lost one game in a long season. I will try to make better results,” he said. “I definitely felt that it was a good team.” 

Amano, who played for 59 minutes, seemed to have melted into Jeonbuk. But he said, “I wanted to score, but I couldn’t. My score today is 50.” 

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