Amano, who responded to ‘Director Hong Myung-bo’s worst remarks’, “Ulsan’s official offer is too late”

“The official offer from Ulsan was late.”

It was Amano Jun’s rebuttal. On the 12th, Amano appeared at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at the Jeonbuk Clubhouse in Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk. The eyes and ears of the Jeonbuk Media Day held on this day were focused on Amano. It was because of Hong Myung-bo’s explosive remarks at Ulsan Hyundai’s Media Day the previous day. Amano, who led Ulsan to the championship last season, suddenly wore a Jeonbuk uniform this winter. In the process, director Hong expressed regret for Amano, and eventually made an unusual remark. Manager Hong said, “When I first talked to me, money was not important, but in the end, I moved to Jeonbuk Hyundai because of money.” fired a direct hit.

From the morning, the Jeonbuk club pondered how to respond, and eventually Amano stepped forward. Amano even prepared his personal interpreter for fear that his message might be misrepresented. Amano said, “I respect coach Hong Myung-bo and thank him for bringing me to Korea. Last year, I worked together as a member of the team to win the championship. I felt sorry for him for making such a comment after reading the article yesterday.” The coach said that he was a liar or that he transferred because he chose money, but it is not true at all. I simply talked about the contract with Ulsan, but there was no official offer even after returning to Japan. The last offer came in mid-November. At that time, it was already at the end stage. It was a situation that was leaning from Ulsan to Jeonbuk.”

Finish = Reporter Park Chan-joon

-How do you feel about coming to Jeonbuk?

▶From the size of the clubhouse, I think it is a big club. Over the past year, I felt that Jeonbuk was a strong team. I am happy to be a part of this team.

– How was it after hearing what director Hong Myung-bo said?

▶I respected director Hong Myung-bo, and I was grateful that he was the director who brought me to Korea. Last year, we were together as part of a team to win the championship. I think I was sorry for making such a comment after reading the article yesterday.

-If you would like to explain the transfer process yourself.

▶The coach said that he was a liar or that he transferred because he chose money, but that is not true at all. He simply talked about the contract with Ulsan, but there was no formal offer even after he returned to Japan. The last offer came in mid-November. At that time, it was already at the final stage. It was tilting from Ulsan to Jeonbuk.

-Director Hong Myung-bo said he promised to return to Ulsan.

▶ It was true that I told the director that I would stay in Ulsan. A day after the formal offer came from Jeonbuk, there was a meeting with coach Hong Myung-bo. He said he would stay at the time, but there was no official offer from the club. It was embarrassing at the temperature difference between the field staff and the director. So when I saw the 슬롯사이트 timing, he had never formally discussed the contract, but I wonder if the fact that he asked for a meeting after an offer came from Jeonbuk was because he didn’t want to send it to Jeonbuk.

-You will face coach Hong Myung-bo and Ulsan on the ground.

▶Jung Seung-hyun jokingly told us to be careful next year in Japanese. I decided to transfer knowing the importance of this decision. I am prepared for the match against Ulsan this season.

– Who is the best Korean director in your opinion?

▶ In reality, there is only one coach, Hong Myung-bo. I got to work with director Kim Sang-shik this year. Director Hong criticized it through the media, but he has respect. He brought me to Korea, and I respect him as a gift for winning the championship together in 17 years.

-Have you received a sign from Ulsan that there is no intention to renew the contract?

▶ Since last summer, he has expressed his desire to stay in Ulsan. I communicated with coach Hong Myung-bo and coach Seigo Ikeda. The agent also delivered a story about negotiations with Ulsan. Ulsan has never made a place with sincere thoughts. Even after the season ended, Ulsan accepted that they had no intention of signing a contract because there was no official offer from the club.

-Did you have a conversation with director Hong Myung-bo after the meeting? And why did you choose Jeonbuk?

▶ There was no special place to talk with the director after the meeting. The reason why he decided to move to Jeonbuk was that he exchanged stories with Jeonbuk even before the end of the season. Director Kim Sang-sik and the front desk showed enthusiasm for me. Before the end of the season, Jeonbuk ended the lease adjustment with Yokohama Marinos and proceeded with negotiations. The reason I decided to transfer was that it could be a challenge to see how much performance I could show at a big club.

-I thought Coach Ikeda would have been embarrassed too.

▶If only coach Hong Myung-bo read the article yesterday, Ikeda would have accepted it as well. If Coach Ikeda knew the contents, he would not have accepted it that way.

-Ulsan recruited Esaka as a replacement.

▶I and Esaka are different types. he’s a good player I think it is a good thing that good players come to the K-League. I am delighted.

-What was your wife’s reaction to the worst player’s comments?

▶ My wife hadn’t seen the article, but she delivered it during the phone call. Her wife also expressed regret. Even when I was in Ulsan last year, I often talked with her wife about how the director took good care of her. So he responded with regret.

– What did you feel after watching Korea-Japan soccer after the World Cup?

▶ This is the difficult part. The Korean national team’s style possessed the ball against any opponent and aimed for a goal. If you improve this quality, your win rate will increase and you will be able to achieve better results. Japan met strong players like Germany and Spain, so Japan’s style did not appear in the World Cup. Japan’s soccer can develop only when it makes good use of it.

-If you say something to director Hong Myung-bo, what would it be?

▶I have mentioned coach Hong Myung-bo many times before, but he brought me to the K-League and is a comrade with whom I won the championship. So he still respects him and considers him a gift. It was shocking that he had made such a statement, and he was disappointed rather than disappointed. This year, another team competed for the championship, but this year, as a Jeonbuk Hyundai player, I will do my best to have a treble with a great team under coach Kim Sang-sik. I hope we can compete in our respective positions this year. It is true that this problem has occurred, so the answer is to prove it with results in Jeonbuk. I will adapt well and make good grades.

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