‘April ERA 0.88’ Kwak Bin, will Durin soothe the regret?

Heaven’s will is more brutal than any other game. The KBO League faced bad news on Children’s Day (May 5), when four games were postponed due to rain. In fact, the festival was postponed to 6 days. Who will make the hearts of Durin (Doosan children’s fans) and Elin (LG children’s fans) beat? 

The match between the ‘Jamsil rivals’ Doosan Bears and the LG Twins, which was scheduled to be held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 5th, was not held due to rain. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop changed starting pitchers from Choi Won-joon to Kwak Bin, and LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop changed from Kim Yun-shik to Casey Kelly. 

The confrontation between ‘domestic pitchers’ is also an interesting card, but it is a little more interesting that Doosan and LG’s ace pitchers take the lead in winning the ‘Children’s Day’ match-up, which was pushed back. 

Kwak Bin is one of the best pitchers in the league in March and April. He went 3-1 with an earned run average of 0.88 in 5 games he started. He shut out five or more innings in all of them, and no game gave up more than three runs. He, who was a top-notch prospect in the first nomination in 2018, is showing his potential in his 6th year of debut. 

Kwak Bin already played against LG once on the 15th of last month. He scored 3 runs (2 earned runs) in 7 1/2 innings, but became the losing pitcher as the batting line could only support 1 run. 

In the 2022 season, when he first fulfilled his full-time starting pitcher duties, Kwak Bin played 31 1/3 innings in 5 games against LG, recording an average ERA of 2.87 with 2 wins and 3 losses. He had good detailed records such as hit rate (0.230) and on-base rate per inning (1.21), but Seung-woon did not follow. 

In the 2022-23 season, Park Hae-min had a hit rate of 0.308 and struggled somewhat, but Kwak Bin showed a relatively strong performance in matches against left-handed hitters such as Kim Hyun-soo, Hong Chang-ki, and Moon Seong-ju. In this confrontation, attention is focused on whether the festival will be able to give joy to the big durins, who are regretting that the festival has been pushed by a day due to good fighting and victory. 

‘Longevity mercenary’ Kelly recorded an average ERA of 6.46 in the first four games this season and was sluggish. In the opening game against KT Wiz on April 1, he conceded 6 runs, and on the 13th against the Lotte Giants and against the NC Dinos on the 19th, he gave up more than 4 points. However, in the last two games (SSG Landers on April 25 and KIA Tigers on April 30), they rebounded with 2 earned runs in 6 innings and 3 earned runs in 5 and 1/3 innings, respectively.  메이저놀이터

Kelly was strong last season, recording an average ERA of 2.00 in the 6th match against Doosan. He had a record of 5 wins and 1 loss and took many victories. He gave 5 hits each to Heo Gyeong-min and Kang Seung-ho, showing a mismatched appearance, but threw well in matches with other hitters. First of all, Kelly had better luck than Kwak Bin.

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