“Baseball field without disposables” KBO-Ministry of Environment organic cooperation promise

KBO (President Heo Gu-yeon) and 10 clubs signed a ‘voluntary agreement to create a baseball field without disposable items’ with the Ministry of Environment on the 18th as part of sustainable development and ESG management of Korean professional baseball.

The agreement ceremony was held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium where the NC-LG game is held. KBO President Heo Gu-yeon, Minister of Environment Han Hwa-jin, NC Dinos CEO Lee Jin-man, and LG Twins CEO Kim In-seok attended as representatives of 10 clubs. Afterwards, prior to the start of the game, Han Hwa-jin, the Minister of Environment, will give the first pitch, wishing for smooth cooperation among the organizations.

KBO and 10 clubs recognized the problem of using disposable products and generating a lot of waste at the baseball field, and pushed for a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of Environment to reduce it.

Through this agreement, the use of vinyl cheering items such as stick balloons is prohibited at the baseball field, and multi-use cheering items such as plastic cheering bats will be used. In addition, the use of disposable cups is reduced by improving the business that previously provided canned beverages in disposable cups, and a separate discharge collection system is operated to prevent used transparent PET bottles from being contaminated or mixed with other wastes. 토토사이트 will be reduced in many ways.

Minister of Environment Han Hwa-jin said, “In order to reduce disposables used in daily life, it is important for members of society to actively participate.”

To encourage the use of reusable cups, the Ministry of Environment will hold an event to provide reusable cups on the first base square of Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the day of the agreement ceremony (18th). If you post a picture proving the use of a multi-use cup on the resource recycling practice platform (recycling-info.or.kr), you will receive a small prize through a lottery.

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