‘Bento successor director’ debut… March 20-28 likely

Who will be the new head coach of the Korean national team? He is concentrating on appointing the new head of the National Team Strengthening Committee. At the end of February, all negotiations will be completed and an announcement will be made, but if the appointment is over, it will first appear in an A-match in March.

The Korea Football Association announced the schedule for the ‘2023 National Football Team’ through its official channel on the 13th. The schedule of the national team and women’s national team by age was released, and the schedule of national team A was known from the A match in March to the second round of Asian qualifiers for 슬롯사이트 the FIFA World Cup in North and Central America in November.

The exact time, place, and opponents of the March A-match are undecided, but it will be held between March 20 and 28.

The debut match of the new command tower is highly likely to be an A match to be held between March 20th and 28th. The director appointment roadmap announced by the association was three months. In December of last year, it was planned to finalize the selection criteria and select the first group of candidates. By February, a new coach will be appointed to prepare for the 4th year of the Korean national team.

The team to face in the March A match can be inferred.

The Japanese national team is preparing for the ‘Kirin Challenge Cup’ during the A match in March. “We have risen to 20th in the FIFA rankings, but we need to temper ourselves with a stronger team. We will try to play a friendly against a team with a higher FIFA ranking than Japan.” said. There is a rumor about an evaluation match with the world’s best team, such as Argentina, and there is a possibility that Korea and Japan will be alternated like last June’s A match.

After the ‘2018 Russia World Cup’ was over, coach Paulo Bento also took the lead of the Korean national team in an A match in September and raised the anchor for the 4-year World Cup.

However, since the new head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, Michael Müller, has been appointed, the possibility that it will take more time to appoint a new coach cannot be ruled out. Chairman Muller received the first list of candidates from former Chairman Lee Yong-soo, but said, “I received a list of candidates from the former Chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee. Thank you, but I decided to review it from a blank page. I will also use my personal network.”

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