Busan manager Park Jin-seop “The first loss will not have a big impact”

“The first loss, it will not have a big impact.”

Those were the words of director Park Jin-seop of Busan I-Park. Busan tasted their first loss of the season. In the 7th round of ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ against Gimpo FC held at Gimpo Salter Soccer Field on the 19th, Busan lost 0-1 with Son Seok-yong scoring the winning goal in the 41st minute of the first half. Busan, which had been undefeated in 6 matches since the opening, suffered its first loss this season. Coach Park said at the press conference after the game, “It was a disappointing game. I lost a goal on a set piece. I lost concentration. It was physically difficult in the process of recovering. I had good decision-making power in the finishing part, but I was in a hurry this day. I think I need to relax mentally and prepare again.” 먹튀사이트

I suffered my first defeat. Coach Park said, “It won’t have a big impact. You can’t go undefeated. You can lose if you play. It’s a game on Saturday. I think we need to think about the rotation or the tactical part.” Coach Park put forward a tall two-top Franklin-Kim in the first half of the day, but was replaced in the second half. Coach Park said, “There was a part that I thought about in the first half. I wanted to harass the opponent’s three-back. I tried to hold on to the tall players and take advantage of the aerial ball as they entered, but it didn’t work. It was a tactical miss. I think it was revived as a whole through changes in the second half.” said

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