Can Kim Yeon-kyung become a ‘7.75 MAX’ player?

What does ‘winning power’ mean in the league?

On the 10th, the ‘Dodram 2022-23 Season V-League Awards Ceremony’ was held at the Yongsan Grand Hyatt Hotel. Korean Air’s Han player and Heungkuk Life’s Kim Yeon-kyung were each awarded the men’s and women’s regular league MVPs, which decorate the grand finale of this season’s awards ceremony. Kim Yeon-kyung won the Best 7 Outside Heater award and won two crowns that day. 

Kim Yeon-kyung, who won the most regular league MVP (2005-08, 2020-21, 2022-23, a total of 5 times) in the men’s and women’s career of the V-League, is an outside hitter who boasts world-class skills beyond Korea. This season alone, she won MVP for each round four times (rounds 1, 3, 5, and 6), and she was the only female player in Korea to win the MVP title of the season.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was virtually in last place except for Pepper Savings Bank, which ranked 6th last season and whose power supply was not smooth, jumped to 1st place in the regular league and runner-up in the championship match with Kim Yeon-kyung back after a year. 

However, the pride of the best player in the country could not tolerate the ‘runner-up’. He won 2 best in the championship match of the best 3 out of 5 match, and the unified victory was right in front of his eyes. However, Korea Expressway Corporation’s strong power gradually increased, and the first reverse sweep championship in the V-League was created. On the other hand, Heungkuk Life Insurance collapsed due to receive ups and downs and mistakes, and failed to lower the banner of the integrated championship at home.

On February 15, Kim Yeon-kyung, who met after the Pepper Savings Bank exhibition, confessed to the rumor of retirement that some people say, “If you have no idea at all, it’s a lie.” This season’s focus was on his ‘last dance’, suggesting that there is some possibility of his active duty finish.

However, when the team failed to achieve satisfactory results, Kim Yeon-kyung changed her mind little by little.

Through an interview at the awards ceremony held on the 10th, he said, “I am thinking positively about adding more players to my current career. I am talking with several clubs along with my club, Heungkuk Life Insurance.”  카지노사이트

This season, he earned the qualification as a free agent (FA) for the first time as a professional. According to the KOVO regulations, the FA qualification is recognized as one season if the business trips every season account for more than 40% of all regular league games. You can get FA qualification when you meet the criteria for 5 seasons (6 seasons for high school graduates). 

Kim Yeon-kyung made her domestic debut in the 2005-06 season, but since the 2009-10 season has been active in overseas leagues, it took far more than 10 years to obtain FA qualification. 

Currently, the V-League is operated under a salary cap system. As of the 22-23 season, the salary cap for the women’s division, which currently operates at 1.8 billion won, includes a maximum of 300 million won per win from the 23-24 season in the total remuneration. billion). 

Currently, Kim Yeon-kyung’s contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance is worth 700 million won (450 million won in annual salary + 250 million won in options) for a year. As her women’s allowance increases, the maximum amount that Kim Yeon-kyung can receive next season will increase to 775 million won for the year. 

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