Carrot recruits Alledge, whose contract with Samsung has expired… Exhaustion of the first replacement ticket

As expected, Carrot’s choice was Jonathan Alledge (32, 204.5 cm).

On the 11th, Goyang Carrot signed Alledge as a substitute foreign player for Demetrius Treadwell and signed a season replacement contract. 토토사이트 It was the first foreign player replacement ticket that Carrot had exhausted.

Carrot suffered a knee injury during a home game against Seoul SK on the 17th of last month by veteran big man David Simon. Simon was diagnosed by KBL’s official doctor that it would take more than eight weeks to return, and accordingly, Carrot recruited Treadwell, who played for Wonju DB, without exhausting his replacement rights.

Treadwell wore the DB uniform when Dwan Hernandez was away for a while, but he was less competitive. He was an undersized big man with a height of only 196.3 cm, so his limitations were obvious, averaging only 4.7 points and 4.8 rebounds in 6 games. Shortly after the contract with DB ended, Carrot needed a foreign player and signed a replacement contract for the season, but the average playing time in 6 games was only 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

There is a clear limit to using Treadwell as a second option. Luck came to Carrot. The contract of Alledge, whom Samsung recruited as a temporary replacement for injured Marcus Derrickson, expired on the 10th. Samsung informed Alledge that it had no intention of extending the contract, and Carrot, who needed a replacement for a foreign player, obtained Alledge.

Alledge recorded 10.8 points, 1.3 3-pointers, and 5 rebounds in 10 games, averaging 16 minutes and 46 seconds. His 3-point shooting success rate is as high as 43.3%. Paint zone offensive power is considered a weakness, but as Carrot ranks first in 3-point shooting success and success rate (12.2, 33.6%), the advantage is likely to be maximized.

An official from Carrot said, “I wanted Treadwell to play some role as a backup, but it was difficult because of his short stature. Aledge has a slim body, but her height is 204.5 cm. He didn’t have many players to pick up right away, but he figured he’d be better off than Treadwell. I think it would be good to digest it for 10 to 15 minutes. He has also adapted to the KBL by playing 10 games,” he said. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Alledge will make his carrot debut in a home game against Wonju DB on the 19th, after the All-Star break. Treadwell, who has been expelled, is scheduled to leave on the 12th.

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