Complete defeat at home by 3 goals, coach Lee Woo-hyung “Now I have to take it as a stimulus rather than self-blame”

“You should be stimulated rather than self-blame.”

FC Anyang, led by coach Lee Woo-hyung, lost 0-3 in the home game against Busan I-Park in the 12th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ held at Anyang Sports Complex on the 7th. Anyang (20 points), whose two consecutive victories were suspended, maintained an uneasy 3rd place with the same points as 4th place Gyeongnam FC and 5th place Busan (hereinafter 20 points).

Anyang are losing their head-to-head matches against top teams in a row. The three losses suffered this season are all top teams, including Gimpo FC, Gyeongnam FC, and Busan. It is a first round robin for Anyang, which is competing for promotion, but it is not a good sign. 토스카지노 After the game, coach Lee said, “I focused on analyzing Busan more than other games, but soccer is something that doesn’t go as planned. It’s a complete loss, but there is a match like this once. I think it is important to be stimulated through the Busan game. I literally think I’ve done a big job and I’m going to shake it off quickly.”

It was a complete loss, but coach Lee emphasized that remaining games are more important than self-blame. He said, “The flow of Anyang is not so bad right now. We are in a position to compete for the lead. Rather than blaming ourselves, we should use this opportunity to avoid being completely defeated.”

Anyang’s last opponent in the first round of the robin is Kim Cheon, who is in the top ranks. Director Lee said, “The stickiness or concentration we had didn’t show up.” “Kim Cheon is a good team. If you run a game that is not balanced or the defensive organization like the Busan match, the same result can come out with the Gimcheon match. I will prepare calmly.”

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