Controversy over #2701 should lead to discussions on ‘improvement of mandatory support’ beyond clarification and sniping

The ‘2701’ controversy is a problem that can be reproduced again if the national team’s mandatory support is not improved.

On the 10th, the Korea Football Association announced a statement on its official website. This was the content of the controversy that started with a sniper Instagram post by Son Heung-min’s personal trainer and trainer Ahn Deok-soo, who unofficially took care of the condition of some players in hotel room ‘2701’ during the Qatar World Cup.

The association broke its silence for about a month, saying, “The problem cannot be solved by covering it up. The existence and scope of activities of personal trainers, the association’s employment of unqualified trainers, and the players’ request for exclusion from the duties of the medical team leader were explained and the association’s position was conveyed.

However, in order to prevent a recurrence and find improvement measures as the association intends, identifying and solving the fundamental problem should take precedence over determining the authenticity and appropriateness of a minor problem. 토토

The cause of this situation is that the official mandatory support of the national team at the association level has lost the trust of the players. Some players of the national team have long requested the improvement of mandatory trainers. As the importance of body care was emphasized, the number of players who had individual trainers or received high-level condition management on the European stage increased, and their satisfaction with the national team’s compulsory program decreased. There were still staff that many players trusted and followed, but there were great complaints about some trainers.

It was also a foreshadowing problem. There was a similar problem with the manager and coaching staff earlier. In 2018, when the next head coach was appointed, Kim Pan-gon, then head of the national coach selection committee, said, 토토 “The players have a thirst. I want to quench it.” As the level of the players has improved, he was saying that he would find a leader suitable for him. The result was the arrival of coach Paulo Bento and his division, who were highly regarded in terms of their training program. Players expressed satisfaction and trust in Team Bento’s training and tactical system throughout the four years.

Due to the nature of the support staff, who did not go out on the outside, the problem was not highlighted as much as the coaches and coaches, but it was necessary to improve the association’s mandatory support service. If the mandatory support provided by the national team had been as satisfying as Team Bento’s training program, players wouldn’t have trusted their personal trainer more.

Since the controversy surrounding the trainer has already grown, it is also necessary to cover the right and wrong. Players are also not free from responsibility. However, this controversy can go beyond messy exposure and produce productive results only when it is confirmed where the dissatisfaction felt by the players about the mandatory support of the national team came from and how valid it is, and the work to solve the problem is followed.

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