Daejeon’s ‘K League 1 return match after 8 years’, which couldn’t have been better

It was a ‘return match’ that couldn’t be better than this.

Daejeon Hana Citizen won the opening match against Gangwon FC at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 26th in the home opening game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ with Thiago and Leandro’s consecutive goals leading to a 2-0 victory. Daejeon, which defeated Managing Director Kim Cheon in the promotion playoff last season and succeeded in its first promotion in 8 years after converting to a corporate club, won a complete victory in its first game after returning to the K League 1, thrilling 18,590 fans who visited the home stadium. Daejeon reported a K-League 1 victory 2683 days after the Busan I-Park match (2-1) on October 24, 2015.

After being promoted, Daejeon immediately emerged as the ‘eye of the typhoon’. There was a dominant expectation that he would lead the transfer market with strong financial power. But contrary to expectations, Daejeon had a quiet winter. Sejong Joo was fully recruited, and only Yoo Kang-hyeon and Thiago, who scored 1st and 2nd in the K-League 2, were added. There were many question marks in Daejeon’s quiet move. Attention was focused on the performance that Daejeon will show this season. So, eyes and ears gathered before the opening ceremony. In particular, the previous day’s promotion motive, Gwangju FC caught Suwon Samsung 1-0, and as long as it had a splendid report ceremony, there could be a burden in Daejeon’s position.

Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong, who was always wearing a training suit, threw a vote in a clean suit. Coach Lee, who said, “There is a bit of trembling,” said, “I emphasized that I want the players to be cool and calm.” It was the same for Gangwon-do. Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo said, “The first game every year is difficult. It is inevitable to play against a promoted team. Moreover, it was very difficult to finish the match the year before last.”

In particular, the two teams had a bad relationship. Two years ago, in the promotion playoffs, he blushed with the ‘ball boy controversy’. At that time, Gangwon won, and Gangwon had to stay in K League 1 and Daejeon in K League 2. Daejeon promoted last season, and finally met on the K-League 1 stage, but unfortunately they collided in the opening match. Director Lee said, “Revenge is a bit odd. Former CEO Lee Young-pyo said it was common in Europe, but personally, I don’t think it’s common. Fans shed tears at the time, so I thought I’d repay them with a victory to wipe away those tears.” ” said

A game that was tangled in many ways, Daejeon unraveled the skein with a very impressive performance. Daejeon took out Gangwon’s soul with fast counterattack soccer that actively utilized the speed of Leandro and Tiago centered on Joo Se-jong in the midfield. In particular, the left line connecting the newly added defender Anton, wingback Seo Young-jae, and striker Leandro was powerful. Daejeon scored the opening goal in the 10th minute of the first half with a neat finish when Thiago, who received a pass from Leandro, faced the goalkeeper. The assistant referee declared offside, but after a video review, it was corrected to be onside. In the 23rd minute counterattack situation, Leandro succeeded in scoring with a one-man show, putting a wedge in the game. 스포츠토토

Daejeon caught all three rabbits, including the revenge against Gangwon, victory in the opening game, and good performance. It was confirmed that it was a formidable promotion team. ‘Captain’ Joo Se-jong laughed, saying, “Actually, I wanted to play the game soon. Since the second half of last year, I’ve been confident in the soccer we play. I’m happy that the anticipation came out with performance.” Confidence was a bonus. Coach Lee also stressed, “If today’s game is a concept, many teams will analyze it, but if we can improve a game like today, we will be able to play a better game.”

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