Dream-like 7 consecutive victories after 11 years… Lotte, it wasn’t Daejinwoon

The Lotte Giants ran a 7-game winning streak. The momentum is great.

Lotte won 5-2 against Kiwoom Heroes held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 28th and recorded 7 consecutive wins. It is the first time in 11 years that Lotte has won 7 consecutive wins since 2012 when Yang Seung-ho was coach. At that time, Lotte enjoyed its heyday with Yang’s ‘sheep bullpen’ at the fore. However, after Yang resigned, Lotte appointed several managers and tried to leap again, but it was not easy.

However, the signs of this season are not serious. With 7 wins in a row, they jumped to 3rd place in the league with 13 wins and 8 losses. The two-hit balance is harmonious. It’s a momentum that doesn’t seem like it will ever lose.

In fact, the winning streak seemed to be luck. Daejin was good. The victory started with the KIA Tigers, which was not good at the beginning of this season. And when the NC Dinos hit the bottom, they did a three-game sweep. The next opponent was the Hanwha Eagles. Hanwha is currently in a total crisis. Of course, there were parts that Lotte did well, but unfortunately, teams that were on the decline appeared in front of Lotte as ‘customized’.

Because of this, the match against Kiwoom could be a watershed moment. A strong team that finished runners-up last season. Before meeting Lotte, the atmosphere was on the rise as the KT Wiz swept three consecutive matches. If even this kind of Kiwoom was defeated, Lotte could prove that it was real ability, not Daejinwoon.

won It also won well in a power struggle. It was good to concentrate and score a lot when the second chance came, and although the starter Barnes was shaken, the process of keeping the lead with astute bullpen management was also excellent. Overcoming the bases loaded crisis in the 7th inning and scoring a key point in the 8th inning was typical of a team that did well in baseball. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

The great thing about Lotte is that it is winning streak even though the starting pitchers besides Na Kyun-an are very sluggish. Conversely, this means that the bullpen during the winning streak can be burdened. If the starting pitchers survive a little, there is a good chance that Lotte’s rise will not stop with a ‘sparkle’. This is because the other line with the new-old harmony seems highly likely to be steady.

During Yang’s days, Sajik Stadium had a weekend ticket war every week. Busan is only good at baseball, and the fans give it ‘unlimited love’. Will we be able to see Sajik Stadium filled with fans this weekend?

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