Even Spider-Man is fed up…”SON, please leave for Real! Win the UCL with Kane.”

“Son Heung-min-Kane, please leave for Real Madrid together!”

‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland, 27, has asked Son Heung-min, 31, and Harry Kane, 30, of Tottenham, to leave the team soon and lift trophies.

“Actor Holland, famous for his role as Spider-Man, insisted that ‘Tottenham star duo’ Son Heung-min and Kane go to Real Madrid,” Sports Kida reported on Nov. 24 (KST).

Holland, who starred in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” is a well-known Tottenham fan and a big fan of Son Heung-min. He met and interviewed Son in 2021, and was delighted to reveal that both he and his brother are Spurs fans. 메이저놀이터 They met when Son performed the Spider-Man “webbing gesture” after scoring a goal against Brentford.

Holland named Son as his “favorite player. He thanked him and performed his signature ‘click’ gesture in return for the spider web gesture. Holland also confessed to being a fan of Son Heung-min when he met with coach Bong Joon-ho, saying that all they talked about was Son Heung-min.

Holland’s love for Son was “real. He even asked him to leave Tottenham and spread his wings. “You know, Tottenham hasn’t won anything,” Holland told Uniland. It’s really hard to root for them. Being a Tottenham fan has built my resilience.”

Holland then left a message for Kane. “Go to Real Madrid,” he wrote, “and be the best soccer player in the world. Go to Madrid and be the best soccer player in the world, he deserves it.”

His favorite player was still Son Heung-min. When asked who his favorite player was, Holland replied, “Son Heung-min,” adding, “I hope he leaves too. I want to tell him to go with Kane,” he said, “Let’s go together, let’s win the UEFA Champions League, let’s win the UCL together, please!”

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