‘First opening 4 consecutive wins’ Ulsan challenges 7 consecutive wins, the most in the K-League

The A match has come to an end. It’s K-League again.

‘Defending champion’ Ulsan Hyundai’s run is fierce. Ulsan is running at the top by achieving the first ‘opening 4 consecutive wins’ since its founding. They challenged themselves to 7 consecutive victories, the most since the start of the season, which has not been broken for 20 years. Seven consecutive victories were recorded by Suwon Samsung in 1998 and Seongnam in 2003.

Ulsan will challenge for a 5-game winning streak in an away game against Jeju United on April 2nd. There are several driving forces behind the winning streak. Director Hong Myung-bo’s one-team keynote is shining. There is no boundary line between main and non-jujeon.

I was also wary of ‘conceit’. Director Hong is raising his voice, saying, “There is another mountain beyond the pass. There is no time to be drunk with the joy of winning.”

The ‘substantial recruitment’ that did not shake the foundation also played a role. Joo Min-kyu, who has returned, is creating excitement with two goals in a row. Ataru, a former member of the Japanese national team, and the Swedish duo Rubiksson and Boyanich, Kim Min-hyeok, are also strong.

The Jeju Exhibition is another test bed. The prospects are bright. Ulsan recorded 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss against Jeju last season. In his career record, he has the upper hand with 64 wins, 55 draws and 50 losses.

Joo Min-gyu, who used to bloom in Jeju, visits his parents. He played in Ulsan in 2019 before moving to Jeju, and in 2021 he became the top scorer in the K-League.

Martin Adam, who is in a ‘one-top competition’ with Joo Min-gyu, also brought good news. After being called up to the Hungarian national team, he scored his A-match debut goal with a fantastic header in the warm-up match against Estonia on the 24th. He also tasted a goal in the Euro 2024 qualifier against Bulgaria on the 28th. With two goals in a row, he returned to Ulsan, leading Hungary to two consecutive victories. There are no goals in Ulsan this season, but expectations are high. 스포츠토토

Players who were not called up to the national team trained normally and prepared for the game against Jeju, while Kim Young-kwon, Kim Tae-hwan, Cho Hyun-woo, and Seol Young-woo, who were called up to Cleansman, also returned.

The momentum of Ulsan, which is running towards a new history, has been spitting fire from the beginning of the season.

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