‘From a top scorer competitor to a colleague’ Thiago’s conversation with Yoo Kang-hyun before joining Daejeon

Thiago expressed his anticipation for breathing with Yoo Kang-hyun, the top scorer last season, when he reunited at Daejeon Hana Citizen.

On the 13th, a press conference was held in Daejeon for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do. Daejeon, which achieved promotion through the promotion playoffs last season, is preparing to return to K-League 1 after 8 years by conducting field training in Geoje following Chonburi, Thailand.

Daejeon recruited the best strikers in the K League 2 ahead of the K League 1 challenge. Last season, they competed for the top scorer in the K League 2 and brought in Yoo Kang-hyun and Tiago, who ranked first and second in scoring. The two strikers, who were also in the K League 2 Best 11 side by side, scored 38 goals last season, including the playoffs.

The two strikers, who are highly anticipated, started preparing to be reborn as colleagues by talking to each other before the start of training. Thiago, who was interviewed at the media camp, asked about his new ‘attack partner’ Yoo Kang-hyun, “Last year we were in a competitive position, but now we are teammates. I hope that we can show a good image in the stadium by taking advantage of each other’s strengths as if putting pieces of a puzzle together.” I wish,” he replied.

He added, “Before joining the team, Kanghyun contacted me first via text message. Neither of us are fluent, but we talked in English and talked about how we could help each other and let’s build up as many points of attack as possible together.”

Thiago also had experience working with great attacking partners at Gyeongnam FC last year. In particular, although the time together was not long, he formed a ‘Brazilian trio’ with Willian and Hernandez and led Gyeongnam’s attack.

Things have changed this season. If Yoo Kang-hyun became a competitor in a competitor, his colleagues Willian (FC Seoul) and Hernandez (Incheon United) became competitors against each other in the K-League 1. Thiago said, “We still keep in touch often. We wish each other good luck and maintain a good relationship.

Our goal for this season is 20 goals or more. 안전놀이터 This is a set number because we aim for a better season each time. Thiago set his goal last year to score more than 17 goals, the previous individual season record, and he achieved it.

When asked about his goal, Thiago said, “I scored 19 goals last year. I want to score more goals this year.” I will try to help,” he said.

We have to deal with stronger teams than last season, but there are elements to expect better performance. Thiago joined Gyeongnam after the league started last season, when the opening was quick in the aftermath of the Qatar World Cup. This season, he has been working with his teammates from his winter camp training.

Thiago said, “It was around 20 degrees when it was cold at the place where I lived in Brazil. My wife and I both had a hard time at first.” It took almost 15 days just to raise the condition. It’s good that I have plenty of time to adjust my feet this year,” he expressed satisfaction.

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