From infrastructure to system, “a league in my neighborhood”, HNS started to build an ‘ecosystem’ of life soccer

“The goal is to make it possible for everyone to participate in the league in our neighborhood.”

Now is the age of life sports. Beyond the era of elite sports in the past, state administration, policies, and philosophies are also focused on sports for everyday life. We are dreaming of a world where everyone can enjoy sports. However, the field is still not like that. The facility infrastructure is poor. There is an absolute lack of space where you can enjoy sports at any time, like in developed countries for sports for life in Europe. Of course, it is difficult to have a proper system.

Therefore, the move of HNS, a company specializing in sports marketing, is noteworthy. Initially, HNS focused on hosting and supervising amateur and youth competitions. It also produced significant results. H-CUP, an amateur futsal tournament that started in 2018, has grown into a super-large tournament with more than 20,000 cumulative participants. In the meantime, large sponsors such as AIA, Gatorade, and Samsung Life Insurance have also been with us. In 2022, when Corona 19 calmed down, H-CUP was opened by expanding the scope to the women’s department with Sports Chosun, and it hit the jackpot again. Both scale and operation were well received.

As the competition continued successfully, other paths began to appear. Kim Gyeong-ik, head of the HNS Strategic Business Department, said, “As a result of running both the cup competition and the league system, I was convinced that there was a great need for a platform that could be held consistently on a yearly basis. I thought that if an ecosystem was built in it, a way to industrialize life sports would be opened.”

So, the first thing I started doing was building a futsal field. It is because of the idea that infrastructure expansion comes first. Of course, it was like a gamble for HNS, which is not large. From land to funding, none of it was easy. Little by little the road opened up. In 2016, they joined hands with Homeplus and started building futsal fields one by one on the roof of the store. 메이저놀이터 As one or two increased, the number expanded to 12 across the country. This laid the foundation for holding a national competition. In fact, H-CUP is held all over the country.

The peak is HM Futsal Park (The Pitch), built in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do in 2020. The Peach boasts the nation’s best facilities. Five futsal fields and even a cafe were built to create a complex cultural space. It has already established itself as a specialty of Siheung. Siheung The Peach is a success, and other local governments that are contemplating the creation of a living sports environment are showing interest. A local government and Siheung are already preparing an upgraded version. General manager Kim Kyung-ik said, “At first, I was pointed at by people saying, ‘Can you guys do it?’. It’s different now. It’s quite good for benchmarking our case.” To expand further, so we are making it with the idea that our facilities should be where we play soccer. Ultimately, we want to create a model for proper sports industrialization.”

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