‘Frustration on the threshold of two consecutive promotions’… Anyang Baek Dong-gyu “Hope torture is no more!”

“I will definitely get a promotion this year.”

FC Anyang captain Baek Dong-gyu (32) promised Anyang fans promotion to K-League 1 at the Hana 1 Q K-League 2 2023 Opening Media Day held at The-K Hotel in Yangjae on the 21st.

Anyang recently achieved good results for the second consecutive year and tried to promote to the K-League 1, but suffered defeats every time.

In the 2021 season, while finishing second in the regular league, expectations for promotion were raised, but in the playoffs against Daejeon Hana Citizen, they lost 1-3 and failed to promote.

Last season, they participated in the playoffs while finishing third in the league, and defeated Gyeongnam FC led by Seol Ki-hyun in the playoffs to advance to the promotion playoffs.

However, ahead of extra time in the second round of the promotion playoff against Suwon Samsung, Oh Hyun-kyu, who has now moved to Scotland Celtic, scored the winning goal, allowing him to remain in the K-League 2 again.

When Anyang missed the opportunity for promotion for two consecutive years, captain Baek Dong-gyu strongly promised that there would be no failure three times.

Baek Dong-gyu expressed his determination, saying, “I have been giving advice for hope for the second year, and this year I will definitely try to get a promotion.”

“If a lot of fans come to the stadium and give a lot of support, 안전놀이터 I will do my best to gain strength and reach the promotion,” he urged fans to cheer enthusiastically.

Coach Lee Woo-hyung, who leads Anyang, also said, “As a coach, I was very sorry to see many fans shed tears during the promotion playoffs last year.” showed

Anyang, who once again challenged the K-League 1 promotion, will start the 2023 season with a confrontation with the Jeonnam Dragons at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium on March 1st.

As coaches Baek Dong-gyu and Lee Woo-hyung wished, attention is focusing on whether Anyang will succeed in promotion this season and give great pleasure to the fans.

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