German Media’s ‘Alphabet Soup’…”Kim Min-jae is a High School Alumnus with Park Ji-sung”

A German media outlet has published a detailed report on the 27-year-old Napoli striker, who is about to officially join Bayern Munich (Germany). It’s a ‘dictionary of trivia’.

“Kim Min-jae has completed the main part of the medical test to become a Bayern Munich player,” European transfer expert Fabrizio Romano reported on July 7, adding that “a possible deal has been finalized on the player’s side.”

“The next step is to trigger the €50 million ($71 million) buyout (at Munich), after which an official announcement will be made,” he added, indicating that the transfer was imminent.

“Sky Sports Germany” published a detailed article titled “11 Truths About Munich Newcomer Kim Min-jae” on Sept. 9, stating that “the former Serie A champion Napoli player is only waiting for the announcement of a five-year contract until 2028.” The article went on to provide more information about Kim Min-jae.

“He was born in 1996 to an athlete father and mother. He was born in 1996 to an athlete father and mother.” The article began by highlighting his upbringing. His father is a judoka and his mother is a track and field athlete. 메이저사이트주소

“Just as Gareth Bale played as a defender and Bastian Schweinsteiger as a winger, Kim played as a frontline striker in elementary school,” he said.

The article also included information that Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-jae, who are well-known to European soccer fans for their past roles at Manchester United (England) and PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands), are alumni of Suwon Public High School.

In addition to this, the article also highlighted Kim Min-jae’s awards before challenging for Europe, such as the 2017 K League Young Player of the Year and the 2019 East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E1 Championship Most Valuable Player, and added that despite his good physicality, his speed earned him the nickname ‘Monster’.

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