Geun-Hoon Lim, Gwangju FC’s new head of management, “Operating with citizens’ taxes… Honesty-Transparency is the top priority”

Gwangju FC selected Lim Geun-hoon, former director of KBS Gwangju Broadcasting and Culture Business, as the right person to fulfill the club’s new vision. Director Lim announced the inauguration date.

Gwangju announced on the 20th that it held a board of directors meeting in the audio-visual room on the 3rd floor of the Gwangju soccer stadium and appointed Lim Geun-hoon (59) as the new head of the management headquarters. Lim’s term of office is two years, and he started working in earnest on the 21st.

Head of Management Division Lim will play the role of general manager to create the club’s 2023 vision, “Gwangju FC, trusted and loved by citizens.”

In particular, as he is not only a field expert with 30 years of experience at KBS, but also highly regarded for his management skills, he plans to focus on bringing about innovation through unified organizational reorganization and differentiated management. 스포츠토토

Head of Management Division Lim said, “I think the reason and responsibility for the appointment is to create a strong and stable team with the big goal of accomplishing the four visions promoted by CEO Roh Il.” We will continue to operate the organization,” he said.

He continued, “We will actively support and nurture youth football, which is the club’s treasure and future asset, as well as full support to improve the players’ performance.”

On the other hand, at the inauguration ceremony, Gwangju CEO Roh Il-il selected a new vision and four strategies to create an organization that can work, improve club management methods, form a consensus with citizens and pursue win-win growth, and nurture youth soccer.

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