‘Harassment’ from outside the stadium…Vinicius says he was subjected to racism throughout the match

The racism against Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior (22-Brazil) by Valencia fans reportedly began outside the stadium before the game. Vinicius got into a direct confrontation with Valencia fans, who responded by throwing lighters onto the pitch.

Valencia fans had already been chanting racist slogans against Vinicius prior to the match between Valencia and Real Madrid at the Mestalla Stadium in Valencia, Spain, on Sept. 22. According to local media outlets, including Spain’s ABC, racist chants from Valencia fans gathered nearby began as soon as Vinicius got off the bus after Real Madrid’s bus arrived at the stadium.

Football España reported, “Video footage has emerged showing the chants of ‘monkey’ directed at Vinicius as he exited the Real Madrid bus ahead of the match. Even more worrying is the fact that police officers are shown standing by in the face of this blatant racism.”

Vinicius went straight back on the field, and while there was no off-field controversy, the racial slurs that continued throughout the game eventually erupted. The spark came in the 23rd minute of the second half when another ball was played into Valencia territory down the left flank, and a defender cleared it off the line, hitting Vinicius squarely as he was dribbling.

While the referee showed the defender a yellow card, Vinicius got into a heated exchange with the Valencia crowd behind the goal. Vinicius pointed at the referee and complained about being racially abused, and his Real Madrid teammates joined in the fracas with the Valencia fans. Even Valencia players tried to stop the fans from hurling racial slurs at Vinicius. Even after the situation was calmed down, Valencia fans were seen throwing lighters onto the pitch.

Vinicius was later shown a red card after video assistant referee (VAR) confirmed that he had struck an opponent in the final minute of the game. As he left the field amidst boos from the Valencia fans, he made a gesture with two fingers extended and dropped to the ground. The gesture was a taunt to relegation-threatened Valencia, who are now in the second division. In the process, another nervous breakdown occurred with the Valencia players. 먹튀검증

“It’s not the first time, or even the second or third time, that this has happened in La Liga,” Vinicius said on social media after the game, adding, “The La Liga secretariat seems to encourage racism. Brazil sees Spain as a racist country. I will fight against racism until the end.”

“Already in January, Atletico Madrid fans committed racist acts by hanging an effigy of Vinicius. It’s hard to see the racism against him as isolated incidents. All eyes are on Spain and La Liga to see how this issue will be resolved.”

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