“He’s a human too” Ace conceded 9 runs, strong manager, 10 runs even

It is often seen that an ace collapses on the next mound after a complete pitch.

This is common in major leagues. Miami Marlins Sandy Alcantara, who won the National League Cy Young Award last year, pitched the worst.

Alcantara started in an away game against the Philadelphia Phillies held at Citizens Bank Park on the 11th (Korean time) and allowed 9 runs while getting 10 hits, including a home run, in 4 innings. Miami lost 3-15, and Alcantara was defeated. Season 1 win 1 loss, average ERA 5.79.

Alcantara took the mound six days after winning a shutout victory with three hits and no runs in nine innings against the Minnesota Twins on the 5th and scored the second most points in his career.

His career record for most runs scored is 10. On August 7, 2021, in the match against the Colorado Rockies held at Coors Field in the ‘Tomb of Pitchers’, he got 10 hits, including 3 homers, in 3⅔ innings and gave up 10 runs. Of his 32 games last year that won his Cy Young Award, his record for most runs was 6.

He threw 77 pitches, 50 of which were strikes. His fastball velocity was at the usual level with a maximum of 98.7 miles and an average of 97.1 miles. He gave up one walk and struck out four.

Episodes 1 and 2 all went to the third party. Even after giving up a dominant solo home run to leadoff Jake Cave in the bottom of the third inning, he continued to feel stable by handling both batters with a fly and strikeout, respectively. However, he shook sharply after allowing a heavy hit and a stolen base to Bryson Stad.

Alcantara, who gave up the second run after getting a right-handed hit from second baseman Trey Turner with two outs, caused a crisis by letting Kyle Schwaber walk when Turner stole second base again. Nick Castellanos doubled from the left and Alec Bom gave up a left-handed hit, allowing three additional runs, widening the score to 0-5.

He allowed 6 hits and 1 walk in only the 3rd inning. This is the fifth time Alcantara has had six or more hits in an inning. 3 of them are Philadelphia.

Alcantara, who cooked the 4th inning again with three batters, collapsed in the 5th inning with a large number of runs. Turner, Schwaber, Castellanos, and Bom gave up four hits in a row and gave up two runs before passing the mound to left-hander Devin Smeltzer. Smeltzer gave up a double to the right to Brandon Marsh, and two runners homered, increasing Alcantara’s run to nine.

After the game, Alcantara said, “It happened in an instant. Opponent hitters knew I threw a lot of strikes. They probably said, ‘He throws a lot of strikes, so let’s just swing the bat.'” There were many. This is part of the game,” he said calmly. 스포츠토토

“It wasn’t a great game, but it was the kind of game a lot of teams in the league experience,” Miami manager Skip Shoemaker said. “It can happen often,” he said. “But he did most of the innings when we needed it. I hope tomorrow’s starter (Jesus) Luzardo will do well.”

“We misfired a few pitches and we want to get back an inning or two,” said catcher Jacob Starlings, who formed a battery with Alcantara. There was also a hit,” he said.

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