How dare you ignore Zidane? Controversy over ‘careless remarks’ in France

The president of the French Football Association (FA) made a rash comment about the ‘legend’ Zinedine Zidane, causing backlash.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 9th (Korean time) that ‘Killian Mbappe accused French FA president Noel Legrae of being rude to Zidane’.

Zidane was recently nominated for the next coach of the French national team. France have chosen to renew the contract with Didier Deschamps. At the same time, Zidane was mentioned as a candidate to coach the Brazilian national team. President Le Grae said about this with the effect of ‘I don’t care’.

Mbappe, the best active star player in France, seems to have been bothered by this part.

Mbappe said on social media, “Zidane is France itself. There is no one who ignores a legend like Zidane like that.” It is worthy of criticism that Zidane did not even say that he was regretful out of courtesy when he said he would take the helm of a foreign national team.

스포츠토토 “It doesn’t matter. He (Zidane) can go where he wants. Club or national team, he can go where he wants to go. I hardly believe the worries about Zidane,” he drew the line.

“Zidane is always on the shortlist. There are a lot of places that want him. It’s true that some want Deschamps to leave. But who can criticize Deschamps? No one can.” He said it was a planned order.

Deschamps won the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the runner-up at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. If you part with a coach who has reached the World Cup final twice in a row, it will also be a controversy no matter who comes in as his successor.

Legrae made no secret of his somewhat exasperated feelings. The fact that Zidane’s coaching rumor was being discussed seemed inconvenient.

“I’ve never met Zidane. Of course, I had no intention of ending my contract with Deschamps. There were no particular issues. Some media prefer bad news to good news,” Le Gras blamed the media.

Deschamps completed a contract extension until 2026 after the World Cup. Zidane is still unemployed after stepping down as Real Madrid manager in 2021.

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