“How do you manage Choi Ji-hoon? What is Oh Won-seok’s position?”

SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong, who started the camp under the heavy burden of maintaining the summit, sent the first camp in Florida, where worries and hopes intersect. Even when I was worried about the team’s weaknesses, I gained hope by seeing the fighting spirit and potential of the players. That’s how the concept of the season is being completed little by little.

Director Kim says that there are still many undecided parts. Many tasks remain as to who to drop from the starting rotation, how to configure the bullpen, which is mentioned as a weakness, who to fill in for the backup of existing fielders, and which players to put in preparation for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) or Asian Games variables. there is. Coach Kim announced that he would carefully watch the remaining month leading up to the second camp in Okinawa and the demonstration game. Fans who were curious about the issue in the ‘process’ asked. Director Kim Won-hyung replied.

  • This year’s spring camp has more new players participating than in previous years.
  • How many new players do you plan to use? Do you have any newcomers?
  • I’m curious about the evaluation of the new players.

Director Kim Won-hyung: Everyone’s thoughts can be different. Basically, even if you are a rookie with a high school diploma, I think you should experience the camp. That way, there are things I feel here. In particular, the top rounders, including the 1st nomination, can be a future resource and an immediate sense of power. So I had the desire to bring him. Coincidentally, such players came this year because they matched well.

Lee Rowun may be a hasty judgment, but it is definitely the first nomination. Even if he doesn’t say anything, he looks confident when he throws the ball. He looks confident and throws the ball well. I got the impression that his feeling was ‘He’s a kid who can throw his own ball without being nervous when he gets on the mound’.

Song Young-jin was an ace pitcher when he was in school. She watched the throw on TV. She went back and forth a bit in the beginning (she was at camp), but like when she went to school on the mound, there were aspects of her leisurely like an ace. There was also a nervous side here, but at the end, the side she saw on TV came out. He is a slightly different type of pitcher than Lee Roun. Rowoon has good pitching and pitching, and Youngjin is a pitcher with a diverse repertoire.

Two fielders, Kim Jung-min and Kim Min-joong, play baseball beautifully. Just lacking a little bit of power. You have to experience in the 2nd group, and you have to develop a little more strength. Jung-min is basically good in defense, and so is Min-joon. 슬롯사이트 Even if it’s not right away, I think it can be of great help to the team if I build up my strength. It needs to be refined a little more, but Kim Gun-woong’s strength was also impressive.

Pitchers basically need to have speed to survive in the first team. There are players like Yu Hee-gwan who are successful with great control and clear breaking balls with the aesthetics of slowness, but the current baseball, especially the bullpen, requires you to throw with your own ball so that you can throw it with the phrase ‘I’m throwing this’. When the overall combination is good, he can have a competitive life in the first team and lead a professional life. Beasts are mental, and basic defense must be met in the necessary situation for the first group. Choi Kyung-mo is an example. The reason he was able to survive in the first team without going to the second group last year was because of his excellent defense skills.

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