‘I can’t play, but…’ Oh Ji-young, who came from her parents’ house, So-hui Kang and Moma warmly hugged each other

Oh Ji-young of Pepper Savings Bank visited Jangchung after a long time for a match against his parent team, GS Caltex.
In the game between GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank held at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 5th, the reporters’ cameras focused on Oh Ji-young with Pepper while players from both teams appeared on the court for a warm-up.

Oh Ji-young’s face was full of smiles as she entered the court in sportswear.

While Oh Ji-young greeted her former team, the GS Caltex athletes, Kang So-hui saw her and approached her a month later and gave her a heartfelt back hug.
Oh Ji-young was taken aback by the sudden skinship, but responded with a smile at the junior’s expression of affection and asked how they were doing.

MoMa, who sweated together and collaborated on victory, did not forget the eldest sister who transferred to the opposing team.
Moma approached Oh Ji-young and patted him on the back, and the two players met eyes and exchanged greetings with a warm hug. Oh Ji-young waved her index finger at MoMA and presented a pleasant image conveying a message of warning, “Take care of today’s game.”

Oh Ji-young was traded from her parent team, GS Caltex, to Pepper Savings Bank in December of last year. 토토사이트

GS Caltex sent Oh Ji-young to Pepper Savings Bank and added a clause to the contract that did not appear in the remaining three games against GS Caltex this season, and the two teams agreed on this clause.

Despite the recommendation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to improve the system, which is said to harm the protection of players’ rights and fairness in the league, Oh Ji-young failed to participate and had to watch the game in the warm-up zone.

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