I even had a retirement ceremony… ’76-year-old Hodgson’, comeback after 2 years as Palace manager

Crystal Palace’s choice was ‘Hodgson again’. 

Crystal Palace officially announced the appointment of Hodgson on the 21st (Korean time), saying, “Roy Hodgson has been appointed as the new manager. The contract period is until the end of the 2022-23 season.”

On the 17th, former coach Patrick Vieira resigned due to poor performance. Palace (27 points) failed to win 12 consecutive matches in the official match in 2023, and despite being in 12th place in the league, the difference between West Ham (24 points) and 18th place in the relegation zone is only 3 points. 

In the end, Crystal Palace president Steve Parish decided to seek a rebound for the remainder of the season by appointing coach Hodgson, who had memories of saving the team from crisis several times. 

Hodgson is a veteran who has commanded great teams such as the England national team command tower, Inter Milan and Liverpool. Hodgson, who led Palace from September 2017 to May 2021 and opened the team’s new heyday, had also stayed briefly as manager of Watford at the end of last season.

He was unemployed after the 2021/22 season, and the job he found after about half a year became the Palace manager again.  카지노사이트

Initially, it looked like Hodgson would retire after stepping down as Palace manager in 2021. Because he was born in 1947 and will turn 76 this August. Hodgson also held a retirement ceremony, clearly expressing his intention to retire from active duty.

However, after Watford and Palace, he appeared only twice as a firefighter, breaking the record for the oldest manager ever in the Premier League.

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