“I have a young daughter, please don’t send me out of England”…Man Utd’s ‘controversial FW’ is serious

English Premier League (EPL) club Manchester United is still undecided on its stance on a ‘controversial striker’.

The controversial striker is Mason Greenwood. Greenwood, a 21-year-old Newcastle striker, was accused of sexual assault and later found not guilty of a sex offense after the charges were dropped.

Despite his acquittal, United are cautious about reinstating Greenwood. The moral question remains. It’s not an easy sell, and it’s hard to let go of a talented player. Greenwood is contracted to United until 2025.

United have been mulling it over, but have yet to come to a conclusion. It’s a matter of keeping him or sending him out on loan to another team.

Greenwood’s potential was recognized in the 2019-20 season, when he scored 10 goals in the EPL and 17 goals overall. It has been reported that United manager Eric ten Hagh wants Greenwood back. He would be a great addition to the team. On the other hand, if Greenwood were to go out on loan, Italian Serie A clubs Atalanta and AS Roma have been mentioned. United’s plan is to make a decision on Greenwood’s future before the EPL kicks off.

Here’s what Greenwood would like to see happen. He’ll abide by United’s decision, but there’s one thing he doesn’t want to lose sight of. If he returns to United, that would be great, but if he leaves United and goes on loan, he wants to stay in England, which means he wants to go to an EPL team, even if it’s on loan.

The reason is family. Greenwood recently gave birth to a daughter. He wants to stay in England for her sake. Greenwood’s father was recently spotted at a training session with Greenwood’s daughter in his arms. 안전놀이터

According to the UK’s Express, “Greenwood wants to stay in England if he does not return to United and is loaned out. Greenwood has a young daughter and does not want to move out of England for her sake,” the Express reported.

The outlet added: “United have yet to announce Greenwood’s departure. His return to the United first team is still unclear. United will make a decision on Greenwood’s future before the start of the 2023-24 season.”

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