Incheon ‘on a three-game winning streak in league’ “It can be frustrating and upsetting for opponents”

“There’s more communication between the players.”

Incheon United defeated FC Seoul 1-0 in the 24th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on April 22.

With the win, Incheon secured their first win over FC Seoul this season. It was also Incheon’s first three-game winning streak in the league this season.

After threatening Seoul’s goal with quick transitions throughout the first half, Incheon finally broke through in the 45th minute with a powerful shot from a corner kick by Mpoku.

After the match, Lee Myung-joo said, “We lost the opening match against Seoul. I’m glad we were able to get back at them. All the players did their best to protect the lead until the end, and I’m even happier about the victory.”

“I think it was the weather and the fact that we were playing defensively, so we tried to counterattack a lot after taking the ball away from them. We have players with great speed up front like Gerso. We wanted to make the most of them and make them suffer,” he said of his tactical approach.

“The coach wants to have a lot of ball possession because it’s hot and he wants to make them run more. On the counterattack, he wants you to get out quickly. On the pitch, you have to adapt to the situation. There’s a lot more communication between the players. I’m telling the strikers, ‘In this situation, let’s do this,’ and I’m telling the strikers, ‘I want to receive the ball like this,’ and we’re coordinating,” he said, adding that the players’ active communication has been a factor in their recent rise.

Incheon has recently regained its form from last season and is looking formidable again. “This is actually what Incheon is good at,” said Lee Myung-joo. It can be annoying and upsetting for opponents. In a way, this could be our tactic,” he said.

He continued, “It’s a big part of our game, but we focus on defense, taking the ball away from them and making them frustrated. We enjoy that part of the game, and when we do get the ball, we use our strikers’ speed to play fast, decisive soccer. I hope you enjoy watching it.”

When asked if Shin’s absence led to a change in tactics, he replied, “Not really. Last season, we focused on defense. With the players we signed, we wanted to play more possession and control football, but it didn’t work out. We tried a lot, but at the end of the day, we wanted to get a little bit more out of the game and we had faith in our strikers to score goals because we have good players.” “I think we focus on defense because we believe that if we don’t concede, we can score goals. We have to defend first and then attack. It was the same in this match, and we are getting there.” 토토사이트

Lee concluded, “We are not talking about finishing in the top few places. We’re thinking more about playing like we are now, doing our best without regrets, and being more solid. When we are attacking, we are talking a lot about possessing the ball confidently and making it difficult for our opponents. We’re focusing on one game at a time rather than the outcome of the season.”

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