“Input determines output”… The rational model desired by Kim Byeong-ji, the new head of Gangwon

The 9th CEO of Gangwon FC, Kim Byung-ji (53), who was reborn as the first ‘Club Head’ in his soccer life, threw a vote by emphasizing the concept of ‘input, output’. Lee Young-pyo, the former CEO, had a hard time before taking over the baton, so he showed a willingness to prove his management ability by building a ‘rational model’.

Kim Jin-tae, the governor of Gangwon Province, recommended Kim Jin-tae as the new representative, and was inaugurated on the 15th of last month after receiving approval from the board of directors. Representative Kim, a former national goalkeeper, debuted in professional football in 1992 and has played the most career appearances (706 games), the most goals by a goalkeeper (3 goals), the most scoreless games (229 games), the most consecutive games without substitution (153 games), etc. wrote a record A match has been played 61 times in total. He started his life as a football administrator after being appointed vice president of the Korea Football Association last year, and this year he took on another challenge as a club manager.

On the 9th, CEO Kim held a press conference at the main stadium of Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, and presented two immediate tasks: increasing the number of spectators and work efficiency. As a way to increase home spectators, which were less than 3,000 on average last season, he said, “From my experience (from the time I was a player), it seems that the most spectators came when the team’s performance was good. Also, we need a star player,” he smiled, saying, “If Yang Hyun-joon scores 2 goals in each game, an average of 5,000 people will come.”

Regarding the team’s performance, “We have a step-by-step goal. But (this year), don’t you have to do as much as last season (sixth round)?” He said, “A while ago, the current status of K-League clubs’ annual salary expenditures came out, and Jeonbuk and Ulsan are overwhelming. The rest are equal. If you think about it in that category, weren’t your grades good? Professional sports evaluate the results according to the squad of players. Gangwon-do will evaluate it in that category,” he added. Gangwon spent a total of 9.4 billion won last year on the annual salary of the players. It was the 6th most in the K-League 1, and also ranked 6th out of 12 teams in the league. CEO Kim showed a willingness to emphasize the keynote of efficiency compared to investment. 토토사이트

Regarding the operation of the front desk, the introduction of the ‘time system’ was also mentioned. He said, “I want to create more welfare and work atmosphere for the secretariat staff. I know that our team is also in the process of relocating (the office) to Gangneung, but I think we need to consider the location of work efficiently.”

The first thing he did after taking office was to support youth team buses. It is an investment for the future. He said, “When I was in the association (vice-president), my practical work was to expand the base and expand life soccer. Youth soccer is not limited to youth, but will lead to the national team (competitiveness) in the future. The youth bus is in the same context. When youth players go to field training or competitions, they need to increase their concentration (without the burden of moving). Only then will talented youth choose Gangwon more in the future.”

In addition, CEO Kim said that he would have in-depth discussions with the provincial governor through feasibility verification on issues within the club, such as the promotion of a soccer-only stadium in Gangwon.

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