Is it difficult to join Ohtani national team in February, LAA general manager “There is nothing I can say”

Will Ohtani Shohei (29, LA Angels) join the Miyazaki camp collapsed?

According to a report by Japan’s Sponichianex on the 12th (Korean time), Perry Minnesian Angels general manager said, “We are discussing Ohtani’s joining the camp. We have nothing to say at the moment.”

Originally, the major leaguers were supposed to join the Japanese WBC national team before the first round began on March 9. However, Darvish Yu (San Diego) wanted to participate in the training camp first, and coach Hideki Kuriyama 카지노사이트.also wanted to quickly join and work with the players. So, the policy was changed to join the national team ahead of schedule.

Because of this, Ohtani and Seiya Suzuki (28. Chicago Cubs) were preparing to join the Miyazaki camp starting on February 17th.

I have a problem. The team did not agree to it. It seemed that permission would be easy for Ohtani, who has a solid position in the team, but it seems not to be the case according to the general manager recently. It seems that they are tug-of-war over the timing of joining.

The media said, “Battery Group will gather first on February 14th. The rest of the national team players will be convened on the 17th. It continues,” he said.

Hideki Kuriyama, coach of the Japanese WBC national team, said, “It is meaningless if you arrive early and cannot play.

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