Japan Kamada, Dortmund 5 years + annual salary of 8.9 billion ‘rejected’

Japanese national team midfielder Kamada Daichi (26, Eintracht Frankfurt) turned down a big recruitment offer from Borussia Dortmund, a prestigious German club.

Kamada has been a key player for Frankfurt for four seasons. He led the Europa League championship last season, and is recording 7 goals and 4 assists in 27 league appearances this season. He also scored 3 goals in the Champions League.

This is why he leaves Frankfurt after the season. Since he is released as a free agent, there is no transfer fee. While many European teams are sending love calls to Kamada, surprising news has been delivered. beat Dortmund.

German Bild reported the possibility of Kamada’s transfer to FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid earlier this month. Along with this, the player was convinced to leave the Bundesliga, saying that he only wanted a country other than Germany. 토토사이트

Afterwards, Bilt reported on the 27th that “Kamada did not accept Dortmund’s offer of 5 years of contract and an annual salary of 6 million euros (approximately 8.9 billion won).”

Portuguese prestigious Benfiga is also considered as one of the next destinations.

According to the media, Benfica is persuading Kamada, but the annual salary and down payment far exceed the club’s budget. Currently, the competition to sign this Japanese player is very fierce. Benfica reached an individual agreement with Kamada in August of last year, but the player himself stayed with the Frankfurt coach and the club’s persuasion. I jumped into the recruitment again this time.

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