‘K-League assists’ marked ‘La Liga/Bundesliga’ shout “Football that everyone enjoys”

‘Football that everyone can enjoy.’

This is the vision of ‘K League Assist’, a social contribution foundation established by the Korea Professional Football Federation. K-League Assist aims to expand K-League social contribution projects through donations as well as to establish a focal point for strengthening social contribution activities.

On the 18th, the federation held a weekly briefing at the Sinmunro Soccer Hall, introducing the ‘K League Assist’ and explaining its purpose and role, vision and goals, and future plans.

“The foundation was established to ensure consistency in the social values ​​pursued by the federation,” said Prof. Jeong Seong of the Strategic Business Team. “The future plan is to expand the donation culture and attract donations. The immediate goal is to continue the management of existing social contribution projects that have been promoted at the federation level. About 800 million won this year is set aside for the related budget.”

The federation wants to play a pivotal role. In the meantime, there was no channel through which the federation could receive donations separately. There were restrictions, such as connecting with other institutions, but through the establishment of this foundation, it was possible to induce donations from not only clubs but also K-League members such as players and fans.

Jeong Pro said, “There are not many related foundations other than the Korea Football Association’s Soccer Love Sharing Foundation. Each organization or club has a direction to pursue, and I thought that if we proceed with one goal through the foundation, interest will increase and attention will be gained,” he explained. 안전놀이터

We benchmarked overseas cases. The German Bundesliga established a foundation in 2008 to carry out various social contributions by clubs and companies. Its purpose was to provide equal opportunities to all people regardless of race, religion, physical or mental disability through soccer.

In addition, not only soccer-related clubs and organizations such as the English Premier League charity and the Spanish La Liga Foundation, but also other sports such as the NBA and NFL operate their own foundations.

In Korea, starting with the K-League Dream Assist, which has been implemented since 2020, K-League Green Kickoff and the Unified Cup, which were created in 2021, are among the projects.

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