“Kane is already GOAT”

“Kane is already GOAT.”

Harry Kane changed Tottenham and English football history. Head coach Cristian Stellini, who is leading the team in place of manager Antonio Conte, has already given him the title of ‘GOAT’.

Kane scored the winning goal against Manchester City on the 6th (Korean time), leading the team to a 1-0 victory. This goal was the 267th goal Kane scored while wearing a Tottenham uniform. He surpassed ‘Legend’ Jimmy Greaves’ record of 266 goals. 카지노 And Kane also set the record for the fewest goals in the Premier League with 200 goals. He scored 200 goals in 304 games, the previous record being 306 by Alan Shearer.

Stellini led the match against Manchester City in place of Conte, who had gallbladder surgery. In an interview with ‘Sky Sports’ after the victory, “Kane, his DNA is only full of football. He understands everything about football. He can play in any position. He is already the GOAT of this league. A great example player.” he praised. GOAT is an abbreviation of the first letter of The Greatest of All Time, and is given to the greatest person in history in a particular field. In football, among active players, Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) is the most representative player to hear the GOAT title.

Conte also congratulated Kane. Coach Stellini said: “After the game, I spoke with Conte in the locker room. He called me. He said he was very happy. He especially praised Kane for his record. It was amazing. Conte gave the players a vacation.” said.

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