KIA 67SV Closer, thrilling from the demonstration game → BKBK → Fans ‘listened and put’

KIA finishing pitcher Jung Hae-young has been listening to Gwangju fans since the demonstration game.

Jung Hae-young started as a finishing pitcher in the top of the 9th inning when the score was tied 3-3 in the 2023 KBO League exhibition game against Doosan held at KIA Champions Field in Gwangju on the 18th. It was his second appearance after the match against Hanhwa in Daejeon on the 14th. His first appearance was good with 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 strikeout and no run.

However, on this day, the contents of pitching were jagged. After inducing lead batter Kim In-tae to swing the first pitch, he threw 4 balls in succession and allowed a walk. However, Jae-seok Ahn struck out on a swing with 4 balls, and Dae-han Kim hit a double on left on the first pitch. In an instant, 1 company, 2nd, and 3rd base crisis.

Here, after an 8-pitch battle with Yang Chan-yeol, he allowed a walk. It wasn’t the best result for Jung Hae-Young and Shin Beom-Soo’s battery, but considering that the first base was empty, it was a viable choice. Jung Hae-Young ended the inning with a looking strikeout against Gye-Beom Park and a foul fly against Song Seung-Hwan at first base.

Jeong Hae-young is a closer with a lot of experience at the age of 22, recording 13 wins, 15 losses, 67 saves, 11 holds, and an ERA of 2.87 in 166 games. In particular, he achieved 30 saves for two consecutive years for the first time in KIA history. Jung Hae-young also had the youngest 30 saves ever and the youngest 30 saves for two consecutive years. 메이저놀이터

Jung Hae-young had enough performance to be selected as the WBC’s main bullpen, but he was not selected by coach Lee Kang-cheol and the technical committee. The main reason was that he didn’t have a ball that definitely fell. In fact, Jung Hae-young has a four-seam with good vertical movement, but some point out that it is necessary to sharpen the winning shot on the breaking ball.

Jung Hae-young is the last bastion of the KIA bullpen this season. While Jang Hyeon-sik is not yet fully rehabilitated, there are signs that several left-handed bullpens will come up. There are many changes in the bullpen, but Jung Hae-young must firmly play the role the team wants in one place. He pitched thrillingly from the exhibition game.

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