‘Kim Ha-sung recruiting rumor’ Boston will return to the story sooner or later…US “more optimistic than media expectations”

Boston Red Sox shortstop Trevor Story (31) seems to be making a quick recovery. He showed confidence in his physical condition and promised to get on his ground sooner than expected.

On the 22nd (Korean time), the US media’MLB Trade Rumors’ (MLBTR) reported on Story’s physical condition. The media said, “The condition of Story, who suffered a right elbow ulnar collateral ligament injury, is improving. Story also believes that it is possible to play this season. A recovery schedule has not been set yet, but it will be more optimistic than expected.”

Boston lost their starting shortstop Zander Bogaerts this winter. It was a big hit, but I had to fill the All-Star shortstop void without outside recruitment. Stories were chosen as an alternative resource. Story recorded a 174 home run batting average of 0.268, a slugging percentage of 0.424, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.849 in 7 seasons in the big leagues, and joined Boston ahead of the 2022 season and mainly played as a second baseman. 메이저놀이터

However, a year after moving to Boston, he suffered an elbow injury and was on the operating table. It’s because of an elbow injury that has caused trouble since 2021. It was expected that it would take 4 to 6 months to recover, so the absence in the first half was virtually confirmed.

Local media predicted that “Boston, which needs a shortstop, will recruit Kim Ha-seong through a trade with the San Diego Padres,” but no news of the trade has been heard yet. MLBTR said, “Boston plans to use Enrique Hernandez as a substitute resource for the story. There is also Christian Arroyo,” he said, predicting that internal resources would go out as a shortstop.

There are constant rumors that Boston will recruit Kim Ha-sung in a trade, but the deal has not yet been concluded. First of all, it seems that Boston will operate the game with internal resources until the story returns. It is fortunate among the misfortunes that the story is showing a rapid recovery.

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