Kim Jong-un’s surprise return to Hana One Q, Kang I-seul, Kim Jin-young, and Kim Han-byeol remain in the original club

Kim Jong-un returned to Hana One Q.

WKBL announced the results of the second round of negotiations for the 2023 FA on the 20th. The most notable thing is that Kim Jong-un left his original club, Woori Bank, and returned to his parents, Hana One Q. It is a condition of a total of 250 million won, including an annual salary of 200 million won and an allowance of 50 million won over the two years of his contract. Kim Jong-un has been a franchise star in Bucheon since Shinsegae and Hana Exchange. He is returning for the first time in six years after transferring to Woori Bank as a free agent in the 2017-2018 season. According to regulations, Hana One Q, which recruited Kim Jong-un, must hand over the compensation to Woori Bank in addition to the four protected players.

KB left the largest fish, Kang Dew. It is a condition of 350 million won in total over three years. Another big fish, Kim Jin-young, also stayed at Shinhan Bank. The condition is a total of 240 million won over three years. Veteran Kim Han-byeol also signed a new contract with BNK for a total of 300 million won for one year. 메이저사이트

In addition, Samsung Life Insurance retained Kim Han-bi, Woori Bank retained Go Ara, Noh Hyun-ji, and Park Da-jeong, and KB retained Kim So-dam and Sim Seong-young. Meanwhile, KB Choi Hee-jin announced his retirement. The free agents who have not been able to sign a contract at this point are Park Ji-eun and Lee Jung-hyun. During the third round of negotiations, they will negotiate with their original clubs, KB and Hana One Q.

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