Kim Yong Kook returns to the microphone, this time with “humor and bitterness expected”

Kim Yong-kook is returning to professional baseball. This time, it’s not on the field, but in front of the microphone. He will be broadcasting baseball with Kim Dae-jin on TBC for the start of the second half of the 21st.

It was predetermined early on. After finishing as the head coach of KT, he already received an offer to become a commentator. However, at the time of the offer, his commentary debut was canceled due to surgery on his vocal cords.

Instead, he returned to the field. He spent two years as a race director and coached postgraduates. In 2021, he broadened his scope by becoming a game commissioner. He traveled around the world of amaya baseball, covering elementary, high school, college, and independent leagues.

As a supervisor, he had a lot of time to study the rules, and he generously shared his baseball know-how with those who asked for advice.

Recently, he traveled to Japan as a coach for the national team of the Gyeonggi Independent Baseball League (7 teams).

Together with Yeoncheon Miracle manager Kim In-sik and Seongnam MacPies manager Shin Seung-sik, the team played four games against Japanese independent league teams from October 10 to 16.

Coach Kim interacted with the players of the independent teams who wanted to become professionals and gave them affectionate pointers. He pointed out that their mental strength, focus, and cohesion were lacking compared to their Japanese counterparts.

“They must have learned a lot from playing against them,” he said. “Our players have functional qualities. They hit home runs and throw the ball well. They have quick feet. They look good on paper, but it doesn’t show up on the field. We have to work on the next step, 메이저놀이터 추천 which is the independent league.” He urged them to stick to the basics for themselves and for the team.

Now, Coach Kim switches from uniforms to suits and focuses on the second half of the season, focusing on the Samsung Lions of the Korean Baseball Organization. “When I meet the juniors in the dugout, I will empower them. I’ll lift their spirits. I’ll be humorous on the microphone, but I’ll also be bitter.”

This season, Samsung is in last place with a record of 39 wins, 41 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.388. The team is in desperate need of a second-half rebound.

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