‘Let’s go to the French Open intuition’ A tournament for beginners in tennis is held

Amid the tennis craze, a tournament is held for beginner club members. The winner gets the opportunity to attend the major tournament, the French Open.

The ‘tvN SPORTS X LACOSTE Beginners Open’ will be held on May 10th and 11th at the tennis court in Olympic Park, Seoul. As an invitational tournament for beginners in tennis, it is receiving a lot of attention as the application for participation is closed in 17 seconds.

It is an amateur competition for mixed doubles participants who have no experience of winning a prize for 4 years or less. It also targets young people, mainly those in their 20s and 30s.

Hee-kyun Jeong, president of the Korea Tennis Association, said, “It seems that the heat of tennis that is spreading among the younger generation has led to participation in the tournament.” I will do my best to arrange it,” he said.

‘Beginners Open’ is divided into tvN SPORTS League and Lacoste League. The finals will be played between the winners of each league. The tvN SPORTS League is for active beginners who prefer bold play, and the Lacoste League is for beginners who are considerate of their opponents and know the beauty of fair play. 메이저놀이터

Special prizes are also given to the winning team. You can directly watch the quarterfinals of the French Open, a Grand Slam tournament. The match is scheduled to be played on the main court, and the two winners will receive a round-trip air ticket to France.

The finals of each league’s winning teams can also be seen on TV. The finals to determine the strongest beginner doubles group will be broadcast on tvN SPORTS on Thursday, May 11th. You can also watch highlights from the finals on tvN SPORTS YouTube.

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