ML Opening Day, will it really be held in Seoul?

Can the Major League Opening Day really be held in Seoul? It seems that there is still a long time left before a decision is made.

The Athletic’s Dennis Lin said on May 10 (Korean time), “It may take several months for Major League Baseball to announce the opening game between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers in Seoul.”

Recently, local media mentioned that the major leagues are promoting the opening match between San Diego and the Dodgers in Seoul in the 2024 season. No one has given a definitive answer on the plan, but it is clear that there is a plan for the ‘Seoul Series’.

Prior to the 2022 season, the CBA (labor-management agreement) newly signed by the major league labor and management also has an item about hosting the 2024 opening series in Asia. Labor and management of Major League Baseball agreed to hold the ‘Asia Opening Series’ for the 2024 season and the ‘Tokyo Opening Series’ for the 2025 season. In the table of the consultation, only ‘Asia’ is listed, not Korea, but if you check the details, it is highly likely that it is Korea. 메이저놀이터

“Events marked ‘Asia’ will not be held in Australia, but may be held in Japan,” the agreement states. Considering that Japan is marked separately and that it is not held in Australia, South Korea, another country representing Asian baseball, is the most likely candidate to play the opening series in 2024. If the opening series is held in Korea, it is highly likely that the venue will be Gocheok Dome in Seoul.

However, Lin said, “The announcement may be delayed due to logistics-related problems. If the event in Korea is not finalized, the alternative is likely to be Japan.”

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