‘News from Tottenham shock’ SON’s soul partner, leaving for free?

Shocking news was delivered to Tottenham Hotspur.

According to the British media’Telegraph’, Harry Kane is considering leaving Tottenham in 2024 without a contract extension.

He then explained the reason for Kane’s transfer, saying, “Tottenham’s chances of participating in the Champions League next season have decreased.”

Kane is the player with the most transfer rumors at Tottenham. The reason is simple. It’s a win.

Kane wants to get his hands on the trophy. However, the prevailing opinion is that thirst cannot be quenched at Tottenham Hotspur.

Kane also expressed his position that he could leave if he could lift the championship trophy.

Tottenham set the negotiating table in a situation where Kane’s contract expired in June 2024 and started a capture operation.

However, Tottenham is unlikely to enter the TOP 4 this season. There is an atmosphere where participation in the Champions League next season is misplaced. The dominant analysis is that there is not enough justification to convince Kane.

Kane appears to have made a decision. After deciding that there is no hope at Tottenham anymore, there is an atmosphere that he will leave without a contract extension. 크크크벳

Meanwhile, it is known that Manchester United and Chelsea, who are likely to take over as mentor Mauricio Pochettino, are interested in Kane.

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