‘Non-season 5:00 am hell training’ LG Life Reversal Fireballer, the mindset has changed

“I thought it was a good season… Looking back, I couldn’t throw it. I am confident that I have improved a lot.”
It wasn’t serious from the beginning of the 2022 season. The speed of the veteran pitcher, which was formed in the early 140 km/h range, increased significantly. The average speed exceeded 145 km, and in the middle of the season, the maximum speed was over 150 km. It was the first time that a pitcher in his 30s exceeded 150 km.

Of course, his role in the team has also grown. He steadily saved the team as a victory joy and long relief. He made a big success with an earned run average of 1.81 and a hit rate of 0.185, becoming the first billionaire in his 13th year as a pro. This is the story of LG left pitcher Lee Woo-chan (31).

He shed a lot of sweat. In the winter of 2021, Lee Woo-chan poured everything in with the determination that the 2022 season could be the last. He underwent a training program designed by senior training coach Kim Yong-il, who unknowingly felt that his condition was improving. During the last season, Lee Woo-chan said, “Training was really hard. He felt like he had been to hell.” I could feel my body changing. I won’t spend the next winter alone. I will train hard,” he said.

As promised, he resumed tough off-season training. Lee Woo-chan, who is currently participating in the Arizona spring camp in the United States, said on the 7th (Korean time), “This off-season training was more difficult. Usually, the coach comes out around 5:00 in the morning. I also trained accordingly. I trained like this a year ago and got good results. There is no reason not to do it again. It was hard, but I am very satisfied with my physical condition now.”

Afterwards, Lee Woo-chan looked back on himself and conveyed the importance of off-season training.

He said, “In the past, I just spent the off-season and tried to make something new from spring camp. It’s the opposite now. After making everything, we go to camp. If you compare it to studying for an exam, it’s like studying all over and only reviewing at camp. In the past, I was mentally chased throughout the camp, but now I’m already ready. Isn’t there a saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’? It seems to be an effect that happened early throughout the off-season.” 온라인바카라

When asked about the last season, which was a career high season, he said, “It was a happy time. And it was a season that gave me confidence. I’ve aged a bit, but I still think I’m young. I have the best body and strength right now,” he said. My role is not one that gets a lot of attention. Still, I think it’s meaningful just to throw with our team’s outstanding pitchers and for the team to win. This year, I want to throw more games and more innings than last year.”

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