Now a national team duo, SSG Park Sung-han and Choi Ji-hoon “We will do our best for the return of gold”

SSG Landers infielders Park Sung-sung and Choi Ji-hoon have been named to the Hangzhou Asian Games roster.

Park Sung-sung and Choi Ji-hoon were named to the final 24-man baseball roster for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Monday. It’s a no-brainer for both players. Choi Ji-hoon earned his second stint with the Korean flag following the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, while Park Sung-ho was named to the squad for the first time since his professional debut.

It’s a far cry from the WBC, where he was a dramatic substitute. “It’s an honor to play in the second international tournament this year,” Choi said. “When I saw the roster in the article, there were three outfielders, including me, so I knew I had to play well. For now, I’m going to play well in the rest of the season and improve my form and fitness in time for the tournament.”

There are not many outfielders on the roster, so he could play the entire game. However, Choi said, “I played all 144 games last year, and the most I played was about 10 games, so I’m not worried about physical fitness. I’ll take care of myself and get in shape. As for the formula of ‘national outfielder’, he said, “I think it’s still early. I think I have to prove myself in competitions.”

Meanwhile, Park Sung Sung, who was called up to the national team for the first time, said, “I am honored to be selected for this team. I will do my best to compete in the Asian Games with pride and win a gold medal.” “It’s very different from the youth national team. I think it’s more weighty to be on the national team as an adult, and I will work harder with that responsibility.” 먹튀검증

Park Sung-yi said, “Jihoon has been to the national team once before, and I’m going to have to follow him a lot because it’s my first time. When Park Sung-hyun said, “I will trust you,” Choi Ji-hoon laughed and said, “I will only trust Sung-han. “Before I go to the national team, I will be a part of the Landers team so that I can show my unashamed performance. I will do my best to bring home the gold,” he added.

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