Ohtani rival between Auckland, $3.25 million annual salary… More expensive than Luchinski from the KBO

Japanese fastball pitcher Shintaro Fujinami (28), who had a rivalry with Shohei Otani (28, LA Angels) in high school, will make his major league debut wearing an Oakland Athletics uniform. 

Bob Nightingale, a reporter for USA Today Sports, said on the 13th (Korean time) that Fujinami had agreed to a one-year, $3.25 million contract with Oakland. An official announcement will be made as soon as the physical examination is 온라인카지노 completed. 

The day before (the 12th), it was announced that he had agreed to a one-year contract with Auckland, and on this day, the terms of the salary were revealed. $3.25 million is a lot in ‘small market’ Auckland. 

It is the fifth-highest salary on the team after pitcher Trevor May ($7 million), infielder Alemidis Diaz ($6.5 million), catcher Manny Peña, and infielder Jace Peterson (more than $4.5 million). He was treated better than Drew Luchinski, who played for the NC Dinos in the KBO League for four years from 2019 to 2022.

On the 22nd of last month, Luczynski signed a one-year, guaranteed annual contract with Oakland for $3 million. If the team option for next year’s annual salary of $5 million is executed, it is a condition of up to $8 million for two years, but at least this year’s salary is more than Fujinami. 

Fujinami received an annual salary of 49 million yen last year from the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball. After peaking at 170 million yen in 2016, she suffered a salary cut from 2017 due to poor performance for six consecutive years. However, with her advancement to the major leagues, her salary has also increased significantly. In terms of our money, her annual salary rose nearly 10 times from about 470 million won to 4 billion won in one year. 

It’s better than expected. After her debut in Hanshin in 2013, Fujinami, who continued her rivalry with Ohtani by winning double digits for three consecutive years, has been on a decline since 2017 due to Nanjo Jegu and problems with her personal life. She threw a high-speed ball of up to 160 km, but after advancing to the major leagues in 2018, she fell to a level incomparable to Ohtani, who is writing a double-hit history. 

Last year, he rebounded to some extent with 3 wins, 5 losses, an average ERA of 3.38 and 65 strikeouts in 16 games (66⅔ innings), but it was not a special performance. After starting the posting, several teams evaluated him as a reliever, but when Oakland offered him the starting position, he captured Fujinami’s heart. His ability to throw fastballs in the mid-to-late 150km range has been highly evaluated, and he will take his first steps in the major leagues as a candidate for the 4th and 5th selections in Oakland. 

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